Aviation Forecasts

Burlington (BRL) TAF
Cedar Rapids (CID) TAF
Dubuque (DBQ) TAF
Moline (MLI) TAF

The TAF or Terminal Aerodrome Forecast product is written to provide the commercial and general aviation industries with forecast surface weather information critical to the safe operation of flights at specific airport terminals. TAFs are issued four times per day, valid for a 24-hour period, and amended as weather conditions dictate. The forecast covers a circle of 5 nautical mile radius centered on the airport or airport runway complex.  A knowledge of the airport operations is necessary to understand the impact of weather on the aviation user community. The Quad-Cities forecast office issues TAFs for four airports in Eastern Iowa/Northwest Illinois.  They are Burlington, Cedar Rapids, Dubuque and Moline.

How to read a TAF.

The direct link to the Aviation Weather Center's TAF page gives you the option to enter individual TAF IDs or view all continental United States TAF products by selecting the interactive TAF Java tool. All TAF locations are plotted on a map and a quick mouse over displays the current TAF.

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