Cooperative Observer Program

There are currently about 10,600 Cooperative Weather Observers across the United States, including those in the Weather Service Forecast Offices.  It is estimated that the Cooperative Weather Observers donate over a million hours of their time every year, netting the public more per dollar expended than any other government service in the world. Their data form the cornerstone of the Nation's climatological history, becoming more valuable with time. 

These men and women have a strong sense of duty and are dedicated to recording and transmitting their weather observations which provide the precious stream of weather information that meteorologists need to forecast the weather, issue weather warnings, and record the climates of the United States.  

We salute the many individuals, families, and institutions who tirelessly provide the valuable service of supplying the National Weather Service and the Citizens of the United States with valuable weather information that continues to acquire greater value with time.


Especially for Our Observers:
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