How pre-event coordination helped save lives in the Hamilton/Warsaw Tornado

During the early afternoon of April 8th, 1999, a member of the Hamilton school district phoned the weather service
to ask what was going to happen with the weather during the afternoon and evening. Some sporting events were
scheduled, and he was wondering if the events should continue as planned. After being informed that the tornadic
squall line over western Iowa and eastern Nebraska would reach the area around 6 pm CDT, and realizing that they
were in a high risk for severe weather, the officials decided to cancel most of the events. This was a crucial, difficult
and important decision. Some parents and children were likely very disappointed with this decision, as it was partly
sunny and in the lower 70s at 5 pm CDT. By 7 pm CDT they were probably grateful. Below are some images that
explain why...

Baseball Field where Hamilton and Warsaw were going to play...luckily it was canceled!

Board driven into drivers seat through front windshield...different car, same baseball field.

Car parked at baseball field

Grandstands at new track blown across field.



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