21 August 2002 Muscatine County non-supercell tornado


Shortly after 6 p.m. on 21 August 2002, an F1 tornado touched down in Muscatine County just north of Muscatine on Hwy 38.  The tornado had about a 1.6 mile path destroying two sheds and causing roof damage to another shed and a farm house, in addition to scattered tree damage.  The synoptic and mesoscale environment that day supported severe weather mainly in the mode of straight-line winds.  A non-supercell tornado developed in a non-descending mode as a cell interacted with a convective boundary.  The use of high resolution 8-bit velocity data was key to the decision to warn and helped provide a 4 minute lead time before the tornado was reported by a nearby amateur radio operator.  See especially the radar data at 2311Z and 2316Z. 

STORMDATA  Severe Reports   

Observed Data

Radar Imagery

Tom Philip - photographer and damage survey team.

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