StormReady Supporters

When Seconds Count, StormReady® Communities are Prepared

About the StormReady Supporter Program

Businesses, schools, and other non-governmental entities often establish severe weather safety plans and actively take part and promote severe weather safety awareness activities. An entity that promotes the principles and guidelines of the StormReady program may be eligible to become a StormReady "Supporter."

Examples of potential StormReady Supporters might include, but are not limited to businesses, hospitals, shopping centers and malls, schools, and nuclear power plants.

Guidelines for StormReady Supporters in the Quad Cities Service Area

At a minimum, a StormReady Supporter in the Quad Cities Service Area shall be required to have the following:

  • Endorsement by local emergency management officials
  • A written severe weather plan encompassing all components of their operation
  • Practice, exercises, and/or training as appropriate
  • One or more means of monitoring the weather, including NOAA Weather Radio wherever available
  • Appropriate dissemination method(s) and other means of taking effective action
Application and Recognition Process

To apply for StormReady Supporter recognition in the Quad Cities Service Area:

  1. Complete a StormReady application, filling in all applicable parts. (Printable form: Word or PDF).
  2. Mail your application to the address below.
  3. The application will be reviewed by the Tri-State StormReady Advisory Board. 
  4. If there are issues of concern or deficiencies, you will be contacted with specifics by the TSRA board. 
  5. If the application is complete and no significant issues are noted, the TSRA Board will arrange a site visit with you, a representative from the NWS, and a representative from your local emergency management agency. 
  6. The site visit team will review your severe weather plans and confirm other information in your application.  They will then make a recommendation to the Board.
  7. The  TSRA Board will then either approve recognition or contact you regarding needed improvements.

Once you have achieved StormReady Supporter recognition:

  • A recognition ceremony will be arranged, at which you will receive a certificate and letter signed by the Meteorologist in Charge.
  • Recognition will be valid for 3 years.
  • All subsequent renewals will be granted based on re-endorsement by local Emergency Management officials.
  • A StormReady Supporter may be renewed indefinitely without re-applying as long as the entity continues to receive endorsement from local emergency management and continues to uphold the principles of the StormReady Program.
  • Upon renewal, recognized entities shall receive an updated certificate.

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