Major Winter Storm
uary 25-26 2013

The area's second major snowfall in less than a week!

A major winter storm swept through the Plains February 25 and 26, resulting in the second round of heavy snows that the region had experienced in under a week.  Temperatures near freezing led to a heavy wet snow that was slow to accumulate at the onset of the event.  However, as snowfall rates increased overnight, snow rapidly began to accumulate, sticking to trees and powerlines and resulting in numerous power outages across the area.  Unlike the event from 5 days prior, the heaviest snow fell overnight and not during the morning commute. This allowed road crews open access to the highways during the peak of the event, even though they still struggled to keep up with snowfall rates as much as 2 inches per hour.  By the time the morning commute rolled around, most roads were snow-covered, but the combination of snow decreasing in intensity and many more people that chose to sit this one out, the morning commute was not nearly as disastrous as with the February 21 event.

Radar loop from 2 pm Feb 25 to 11 am Feb 26 (time stamps are in CDT and thus an hour later than local time)


 Snowfall Totals Through 11 AM Feb 26:



State County Location 24-Hour Snow Source
MO Johnson 1 S Warrensburg 14 NWS employee
MO Johnson Warrensburg 13.5 Trained spotter
MO Johnson 3 W Centerview 13.1 NWS employee
MO Jackson 4 SE Lees Summit 12 NWS employee
MO Linn Marceline 12 Public
MO Linn 10 N Brookfield 12 Trained spotter
MO Macon 2 W Ethel 12 Co-op observer
MO Randolph Moberly 12 Trained spotter
MO Macon Macon 11 Public
MO Johnson 2 E Warrensburg 11 Public
MO Macon LA Plata 11 Trained spotter
MO Pettis Sedalia 10.5 Public
MO Linn Meadville 10.5 Public
MO Bates Butler 10 Trained spotter
MO Bates Adrian 10 Public
MO Cass Harrisonville 10 Public
KS Leavenworth 1 S Basehor 10 Emergency mngr
MO Bates Butler 10 Public
MO Cass Raymore 10 Emergency mngr
MO Johnson Holden 9.5 Public
MO Jackson 5 S Kansas City 9 NWS employee
MO Linn Brookfield 9 Amateur radio
MO Bates Butler 8.5 Public
MO Caldwell 4 NNW Elmira 8.2 Trained spotter
MO Platte Ferrelview 8 NWS employee
MO Platte Ferrelview 8 NWS employee
MO Clay 3 E Liberty 8 Public
MO Randolph Moberly 8 Broadcast media
MO Henry Clinton 8 Fire dept/rescue
MO Platte Weatherby Lake 7.7 NWS employee
MO Grundy Trenton 7.6 Emergency mngr
MO Henry Clinton 7.5 Public
MO Jackson 4 SSW Kansas City 7.5 Broadcast media
MO Livingston Chillicothe 7.5 Amateur radio
MO Clay 5 NW Kearney 7.3 Trained spotter
MO Linn Meadville 7 Fire dept/rescue
MO Livingston Chillicothe 7 Public
MO Jackson 2 WSW Greenwood 7 NWS employee
MO Clinton 4 E Lathrop 7 Public
KS Johnson Olathe 7 Trained spotter
KS Leavenworth 1 S Basehor 7 Emergency mngr
MO Platte Lake Waukomis 7 Public
KS Linn Mound City KS 7 Emergency mngr
MO Dekalb Cameron 7 Emergency mngr
MO Daviess 1 W Gallatin 7 Co-op observer
MO Dekalb Cameron 7 Emergency mngr
MO Grundy Trenton 6.7 Emergency mngr
MO Platte Ferrelview 6.5 Emergency mngr
MO Clay Liberty 6.5 Public
MO Henry Windsor 6.1 Co-op observer
MO Henry Clinton 6 Trained spotter
MO Jackson Kansas City 6 Broadcast media
MO Platte 2 SE Kansas City Intl A 6 NWS employee
MO Clay Gladstone 6 Trained spotter
MO Platte 3 E Weatherby Lake 6 Emergency mngr
MO Adair Kirksville 6 Amateur radio
MO Grundy Trenton 5.6 Emergency mngr
MO Platte Platte City 5.5 Emergency mngr
MO Clay Gladstone 5.5 Trained spotter
MO Clay Liberty 5.5 Public
MO Platte Parkville 5 Emergency mngr
MO Platte Platte Woods 5 Emergency mngr
MO Henry 3 W Clinton 5 Trained spotter
MO Harrison Gilman City 5 Amateur radio
MO Jackson 4 SW Kansas City 4.5 Broadcast media
MO Platte Weatherby Lake 4.5 Emergency mngr
MO Grundy Trenton 4 Emergency mngr
MO Platte Riverside 4 Emergency mngr
KS Doniphan W Elwood 4 Public
MO Worth Grant City 4 Public
KS Leavenworth Leavenworth 4 Emergency mngr
MO Buchanan 5 NW Easton 3.5 Trained spotter
MO Buchanan 5 E ST Joseph 3.5 Public
MO Mercer Princeton 3.5 Co-op observer
MO Buchanan ST. Joseph 3.3 Broadcast media
MO Caldwell Hamilton 3 Amateur radio
MO Nodaway Maryville 3 Law enforcement
MO Buchanan ST. Joseph 2.5 Broadcast media
MO Platte Platte City 2 Emergency mngr
MO Platte Weston 2 Emergency mngr
MO Atchison Rockport 1 Law enforcement


Power outages at 11 AM February 26 (courtesy KCPL):