...Gustav Bring Heavy Rain to Much of Missouri...
September 3-4, 2008


The remant of what was Hurricane Gustav slowly crawled out of Arkansas on Wednesday and Wednesday night, providing widespread heavy rain to much of the Lower Missouri and Mississippi River valley regions. Below you will see an animation detailing the track of Gustav as it came onshore and as it brought the heavy rainfall to portions of the area.


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Although scattered showers and thunderstorms produced pockets of heavier rainfall Tuesday night and Wednesday, the most extensive and steady rainfall occurred Wednesday night and early Thursday along and south of the Missouri River. Below is a 24 hour precipitation total map ending 7 am Thursday indicating the rainfall most directly related to the remnants of Hurricane Gustav.


Rainfall totals for Sept 3-Sept 4
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 Below is a graphical image of 2 day rainfall totals as estimated by radar and observation stations.  Note just now much rain the state of Missouri received this week, and the continued heavy rain path from the Gulf Coast northward.  In addition, notice the transition point across northcentral Missouri where there is less of a rotational appearance to precipitation and rainfall patterns become more linear in nature.  This is due in part to the gradual transition Gustav underwent from a strong tropical system, to a more common extratropical storm more typical of our region.

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2 Day Rainfall Estimates (click on image for larger version)



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