...January 28th/29th 2013 Event Summary...

Two remarkable weather days were experienced across the region Monday and Tuesday. Unseasonable warmth had overspread the region on Monday. Morning cloud cover had given way to sunshine, allowing very warm and humid air to surge into the region. Numerous daily record highs were broken across the Plains as readings soared into the 70s, with some locations such as Topeka, Kansas and Columbia, Missouri breaking all-time January records. The warm air remained in place over the region, as a warm front surged northward into Iowa and Nebraska Monday evening.  In fact, temperatures were so warm that record high temperatures for Tuesday were broken as the clock struck midnight Tuesday.  How close was Kansas City to breaking the all-time January high temperature record?  Well, the high temperatures of 74 degrees fell 1 degree short of the all time January record of 75 set back on January 24, 1950.

Folks along the Iowa border counties weren't so fortunate on Monday, with readings stuck in the 30s and 40s in dense fog. However, the warm front lifted north of the Iowa border. You can see below that by 1AM Tuesday, even there readings had surged into the 60s!

Records Broken:

Location Monday Record High
Monday Record Low Max Tuesday Record
Kanas City 74 (65 in 1917) 47 (47 in 2008/2006) 68 (63 in 1919/1911)
St. Joseph 73 (63 in 1917) 41 (46 in 2006) 68 (63 in 1911)
Columbia 77 (67 in 2002)** 54 (51 in 1914) 70 (64 in 2008)
Topeka 77 (67 in 1917)** 48 (46 in 2008) 70 (65 in 1919)
Joplin 73 (68 in 2002) 59 (58 in 1968) 69 (73 in 2011)
Springfield 74 (72 in 2002) 55 (53 in 1968) 69 (74 in 1947)
Wichita 74 (72 in 2011) 47 (53 in 1968)
Salina 74 (68 in 1938) 32 (41 in 2006)  
Chanute 75 (68 in 1917) 56 (54 in 1968)  
Lamoni, IA 60 (56 in 1968) 36 (42 in 2006) 62 (60 in 1919)
Ottumwa, IA No Record 35 (42 in 2006) 61 (61 in 1919)
**Also broke all-time high temperature record for January

This front began to move southeast as a cold front early Tuesday morning, sparking scattered thunderstorms that lit up the pre-dawn skies across west central Missouri and even brought some small hail in spots. Ahead of this front, people awoke to temperatures in the mid and upper 60s, with the morning low temperature exceeding records HIGHS for the day!!! That wouldn't last for long, as temperatures fell upwards of 20 degrees in 10 minutes with the passage of the front. As the front plowed through the warm and humid airmass in place, rain quickly became widespread and continued well into the evening hours. Areas along and southeast of a Kansas City to Chillicothe to Unionville line got very beneficial soaking rains which made a huge dent in the drought. Amounts ranged from 1 to locally 3" in west central and central Missouri, as the graphic below depicts.

Temperatures leveled off in the mid 30s behind the front, and wasn't until early Wednesday morning when rain quickly changed to snow across Northwest Missouri. Although a few areas in the extreme northwest portion of the state ended up with 3-4" of snowfall, amounts quickly tapered off to the south and east. Temperatures steadily fell into the 20s, while winds increased from the northwest, frequently gusting between 30 and 35 mph, resulting in blowing snow as well as bitterly cold wind chills when compared to the shorts-weather just a day earlier. Snowfall amounts through 7AM are pictured below, but additional amounts are not expected to deviate as much from this graphic.

24-Hour Snowfall Ending 7am January 30th

24-Hour Precipitation ending 7am January 30th

Radar Loop of Heavy Rain

Wednesday Morning Snow


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