Winter Weather

...Winter Weather Seminar Presentations from 2004-2010...

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A Review of the Winter of 2009-2010
The ENSO Forecast for the Winter of 2010-2011

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Cold Season Severe Weather Climatology
A Simple Snowfall Algorithm (COBB Data)
Winter Weather and the Impact on Aviation Weather

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Top Down Precipitation Methodology
2008 Kansas City Climate Statistics
Mesoscale Banded Precipitation Review
Using Ensembles for Ice Storms (Guest Presentation by Richard Grumm NOAA/NWS State College)

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QG Dynamics (presented by Dr. Lupo University of Missouri-Columbia)
Thundersnow in the Midwest (presented by Dr. Market University of Missouri-Columbia)

Current 2006 ENSO Status and the Effects on Local Weather - 0.8MB
Current 2006 AO Status and the Effects on Local Weather - 0.9MB
Aviation Forecasting in the Winter Season - 0.1MB
Freezing Rain Climatology - 2.1MB

...2004 and 2005...
Conditional Symmetric Instability (CSI) - 0.8MB
Definitions of Instability - 0.1MB
Processes Conducive to Heavy Snow - 3.4MB
Winter Patterns Conducive to Heavy Snow - 38MB
Top Down Precipitation Type Approach - 1.0MB
EAX Winter Weather Operations for 2005-2006 - 0.3MB
24 Hour Kansas City Snowfall

Severe Weather


...Severe Weather Seminar Presentations 2011...
An Operational Assessment of the Predictability of Giant Hail Events
Elevated Convection
Severe Weather Climatology for the EAX Forecast Area

...Severe Weather Seminar Presentations 2010...
A Review of the Kirksville Tornado of 2009
•New Situational Awareness Tools for Severe Weather

...Severe Weather Seminar Presentations 2009...
Super Resolution Radar Data
A Re-Examination of Spectrum Width Data in Warning Operations
The May 2, 2008 Bow Echo of Kansas City

...Severe Weather Seminar Presentations 2007-2008...
A Brief Review of CAPE
The Elevated Severe Thunderstorm During the Morning of March 12, 2006
A Conceptual Review of QLCS and Bow Echo Formation
Supercell Environments (guest presentation by John Davies)

...Severe Weather Seminar Presentations 2005-2006...
2005 One Inch Hail & Polygon Warning Initiative - 11 KB
Severe Weather Pre-Event Planning - 2MB
Severe Weather Parameters - 1 MB
May 29, 2004 High Precipitation Supercell Cluster - 32 KB
Nocturnal Convective Initiation in the Central and Northern Plains - 2 MB


Conference Presentations

...National Weather Association Meeting October 2005...
Baseline Climatology of Precipitation Rates That Induce Flash Flooding in an Urban Environment - .8 MB

...Des Moines Severe Storms and Radar Conference March 31 2005...
Stormscale Interactions Effect on Tornadogenesis, Path Length and Intensity by Mike Seaman - 38 MB is the U.S. government's official web portal to all federal, state and local government web resources and services.