...June 2, 2008 Severe Weather Summary...


A complex of thunderstorms developed across south central Nebraska around sunrise on Monday, strengthening as they moved southeast across north central Kansas.  The storms increased to severe strength across northeast Kansas by the late morning hours, as they continued to move southeast into west central Missouri.  Very large hail, damaging thunderstorm winds and flash flooding accompanied the storms as they tracked southeast.  A supercell thunderstorm embedded in the complex of storms produced baseball to grapefruit-size hail as it tracked along interstate 35 between Emporia and Ottawa.  As the storm moved into west central Missouri, hail sizes in the half dollar to golfball size range were more common, though baseball size hail was reported near Rich Hill.  In addition to the large hail, thunderstorm wind gusts estimated between 60 and 80 miles an hour felled trees and even tore a roof off a home near Trading Post, Kansas.  Several snapshots of the radar as the storm moved from Paola, Kansas to Butler, Missouri are shown below.  In addition, a preliminary map of storm reports is displayed below.

12:30 pm
12:44 pm 1:09 pm 1:34 pm 1:48 pm


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