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Details on Holden, MO tornado track during the morning of June 4, 2005
Details on Holden, MO tornado track during the morning of June 4, 2005
Details on Northwest Missouri tornado tracks during the afternoon/evening of June 4, 2005
Details on Northwest Missouri tornado tracks during the afternoon/evening of June 4, 2005

The National Weather Service conducted ground damage surveys across portions of northern and western Missouri, as well as northeast Kansas, on Sunday, June 5th, to assess the strength and number of tornadoes which struck on Saturday evening. The results of these surveys indicate that a total of eight tornadoes touched down across portions of Johnson, Buchanan, Andrew, gentry, worth and Daviess counties in Missouri, along with Doniphan county in Kansas. The strongest tornadoes in Johnson and Worth counties were rated F1 on the fujita damage scale.

The following is a chronological listing of the tornadoes which have been confirmed thus far for June 4th, with the time and location of the initial touchdown and fujita rating. Detailed assessments are located below this table:


Time                Location                                  County              F-Scale

635 am cdt      2 N Garden City                       Cass                       F1

645 am cdt      2 SW Holden                            Johnson, MO         F1

532 pm cdt      2 NE Fillmore                           Andrew                   F0

648 pm cdt       3 NW Gentry to                        Worth/                    F1

                          2 N Hatfield                                Harrison   

706 pm cdt      1 N Stanberry                           Gentry                     F0


740 pm cdt      2 N McFall                                Gentry                     F0


744 pm cdt      1 W St Joseph to                     Buchanan               F0

                          1 N St Joseph      

854 pm cdt      1 N Lake Viking                       Daviess                  F0

The first tornadoes of the day developed in Cass and Johnson counties in Missouri, just after sunrise. A tornadic thunderstorm produced a brief tornado touchdown at 6:35 am cdt in Cass county Missouri just north of Garden City at 283rd street and Evers road. This tornado was observed by the local fire department. Ground survey failed to reveal any damage as the storm was over rural areas. This was determined to be an F0 brief touchdown.

A second tornado touched down from the storm about 5 miles southwest of Holden at approximately 6:45 am cdt. The initial damage was approximately 2 miles southwest of the intersection of route 131 and SW 600 street. The storm moved southwest of the intersection of Route 131, where it produced F1 damage to the 510 block of 1201st street. The most significant damage was to a large horse barn at the miller farm on Route 131. In this area, six homes suffered minor damage mainly limited to roofing material and broken windows. Several outbuildings were destroyed and horse trailers were flipped over. The storm hit homes on 1251st street at approximately 6:50 am cdt. The tornado continued on the ground over rural areas crossing Route 58 around the 1050 block. At this location, F1 damage was noted to a large barn which had been converted into an auto parts store with minor F0 damage to two homes. The damage path continued northeast crossing 1001st street. Just east of that street it appeared the tornado lifted. A Holden police officer observed the storm crossing Route 58 at approximately 7:05 am cdt. From Route 58, the storm produced intermittent F0 damage to approximately the 680 block of 200th street. The storm damage path in this segment was approximately 8 miles long and consistent at 75 yards wide. There were two minor injuries reported at the miller horse farm and multiple horses were injured or killed.

The remainder of the tornadoes on June 4th occurred in the late afternoon and evening hours, across far northeast Kansas and northwest Missouri. An F0 tornado formed from a supercell around 5:32 pm, just northeast of Fillmore. The tornado in Andrew county produced no damage, but it was videotaped and photographed by numerous chasers along U.S. Route 71 near Y highway.

Damage surveys in Gentry, Worth and Harrison counties confirmed that an F1 tornado formed later from this same storm. This tornado struck in portions of southeast Worth and northwest Harrison counties. The tornado touched down at approximately 6:48 pm cdt just south of Worth, but within far northern gentry county where nominal tree damage was noted. From this location, the tornado tracked northeast across southeast Worth county, then into northwest Harrison county north of Hatfield before it crossed into Iowa. Total track length was 20 miles with most of the track characterized by intermittent F0 magnitude damage to trees and power lines. The maximum width of this tornado was 100 yards.

With this tornado, F1 damage was noted to two farmsteads in Worth county. A farm located just south of the city of Worth sustained F1 damage with numerous outbuildings destroyed. Several chickens were killed and many of them were stripped of their feathers. The second farmstead, located just southwest of Allendale, lost several outbuildings as well. One 4' x 6' post was snapped off of one of these outbuildings. The post was lifted and driven straight down through a pickup truck. The pole went through the truck's windshield, through the seats and floorboard, and into the ground. Intermittent tree damage was noted northeast of Allendale into northwest Harrison county, where it appears the tornado moved into Iowa about 2 miles north of Hatfield around 7:15 pm cdt.

An F0 tornado struck St Joseph as well, from a supercell thunderstorm further south. This tornado was observed by Doniphan county emergency management as it touched down just west of the pony express bridge at approximately 7:44 pm cdt. The tornado tracked northeast through town, where it produced a skipping path of very intermittent damage. The tornado apparently produced an area of f0 damage in the vicinity of 22nd and Locust st. numerous trees were damaged or uprooted, along with fencing blown down at a tennis court. A few homes also lost their porches. Much of the damage to homes was from falling trees and tree limbs. The tornado was last sighted along U.S. 169 Highway, approximately 2 miles east of I-29 at 7:55 pm cdt. Total path length was 11.5 miles, with a maximum width of 50 yards.

Three other tornadoes were noted near Stanberry, McFall and Lake Viking as detailed in the table above. No damage was noted from any of these storms, and therefore they have been rated as brief touchdowns of F0 intensity.

Graphical maps of these tornado paths will be posted on the Pleasant Hill web site at http://weather.gov/kc. Additional details on the fujita damage scale can be found at http://www.spc.noaa.gov/faq/tornado/f-scale.html. The National Weather Service wishes to extended its thanks to area emergency management and local media for their assistance in completing ground surveys of these tornadoes.

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