On This Day In Weather History - November 22


   The record snow in 1991 broke the old record for the date set 100 years earlier.

1966   On the day before Thanksgiving the temperature in Kansas City began at a record warm low of 63 degrees and topped out at 76 degrees, also a record.


1992   An outbreak of severe weather spawned 16 tornadoes across Alabama, ranging in strength from F0 to F2. The tornadoes injured a total of 48 people and damage was reported in excess of $15 million.

1992   Indiana had 15 tornadoes during a record outbreak for the month of November. One, an F4 multiple vortex twister, cut a 22 mile path through extreme southeastern Indiana and northern Kentucky. Overall, the storm system produced 92 tornadoes, 26 deaths, and 640 injuries.

Weather Mural

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