A tornado that  struck Mentor, Minnesota was rated as an EF3.  This tornado had a path length of 15 miles, and also produced EF3 damage to a farm northeast of Mentor.  In addition, an EF1 tornado was confirmed 2 miles north of Fisher, MN.  This tornado destroyed a large shed and damaged numerous trees during its 7 mile path.  The tornado ended just south of Key West, MN.  Another weak EF1 tornado was confirmed near Gentilly and a grain bin was carried for about 1/2 mile, in addition to several trees being snapped or uprooted.  Below is an image of the location of these tornadoes.

Mentor tornado track 

Tornado tracks for the Mentor, Fisher and Gentilly tornadoes (click for larger image).

 Photos of Mentor tornado damage


 Radar Reflectivy from 601 pm CDT - 633 pm CDT


 Base Velocity from 601 pm CDT - 633 pm CDT


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