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Severe Weather Title Dividing Line
If severe weather is occuring at the moment, please contact your local police department as soon as it is safe to do so and have them relay it to the National Weather Service in Grand Forks. Dividing Line
If you have experienced severe weather recently, or have had damage as a result of a storm...please tell us about it. The National Weather Service's criteria for determining if a thunderstorm is severe is if one or more of the following are occuring.
  • hail 1 inch or larger
  • 58 mph (50 knots) or greater wind gusts
  • trees, tree limbs and powerlines down
  • damage to stuctures due to the storms
  • a tornado
  • Other events, although not severe, are also important to us and can be very helpful.
  • funnel or wall cloud
  • flooding
  • hail any size
  • 3 inches or more of snowfall
  • icejams on rivers or streams
  • When reporting hail, and to avoid any misunderstandings, please use the table below as a reference...
    pea 1/4
    marble 1/2
    dime 3/4
    nickel 7/8
    quarter 1
    half-dollar 1 1/4
      ping-pong ball   1 1/2
    golf ball 1 3/4
    tennis ball 2 1/2
    baseball 2 3/4
    grapefruit 4
    softball 4 1/2

    ...and for wind reporting, here is the Beaufort Scale to help estimate the wind speeds.
    Wind Speed
    Designation Description
    1 calm smoke rises vertically, trees do not move
    1-3 light air smoke drift indicates wind direction
    4-7 light breeze weather vane moves, leaves rustle
    8-12 light breeze leaves and twigs in constant motion
    13-18 moderate breeze dust and loose paper raised, small branches move
    19-24 fresh breeze small trees sway
    25-31 strong breeze large branches move, wind whistles wires
    32-38 moderate gale whole trees move, walking affected
    39-46 fresh gale twigs break off trees, walking difficult
    47-54 strong gale slight structural damage occurs, branches break
    55-63 whole gale trees uprooted, considerable structural damage
    64-74 storm widespread damage
    75+ hurricane severe and extensive damage

    Only submit reports for events which occurred within our county warning area (eastern North Dakota,west central and northwest Minnesota).

    Please provide us with the following information:
  • The date and time of the event
  • The location of the event (including the county, city/town, and street if possible)
  • Your name
  • Your phone number (this will be helpful in case we need to contact you to verify the report or obtain additional information)
  • A complete description of the event

  • Note: Providing this information is voluntary.

    General Information
    Date of the event:  
    Time of the event:  
    County City/Town:  
    Phone number:  
    The Event
    Type of severe weather event:  
    If event was hail, select the size:  
    If event was wind gust, select nearest speed:  

    In this box, please list any other pertinent information concerning the severe weather (or other weather event). For damage, please list what was damaged. For trees and limbs, please give the size in diameter. For a tornado, please send us your best estimate on the time and location, how long it was on the ground, and approximate width if possible.

    Please be as detailed and specific as possible

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