A White Christmas This Year

What are the chances of a white Christmas across eastern North Dakota and northwest through west central Minnesota in any year?  The graphic below shows that most of our area has at least a 75 percent chance of a white Christmas with a 90 percent or better chance for most of northwest Minnesota.

snowdepth map


The table below shows some interesting information on two locations in our region.

       On Christmas Day            Fargo  (2005-1883)   Grand Forks (2005-1925)                                  

  • Average snow depth              4.8 in.                                      5.4 in. 
  • Maximum snow depth           17 in.   1996 & 1909           21 in.  1996
  • Percent of Occurrence           92%                                        94%
  • Years with no depth               6  times                                   2  times
  • Last occurrence                     1957                                         1957

What are the chances for a white Christmas this year?

That satellite image below is from Dec 20th and shows that southern portion of the region was snow free with a trace of snow in the Grand Forks area. Only the narrow band along the Canadian border has sufficient snow cover to call it a white Christmas.  Between now and Christmas there is only a slight chance for snow across the area Christmas Eve.

satellite area picture

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