Eastern ND and Northwest MN Weather History

The Weather History for the Month of June

28 degrees in Fargo. Record low for month.
F3 tornado in Polk county Minnesota with a 1 mile pathlength.
Golfball size hail in Eddy county.
Flash flooding Kittson county.
3 inch hail dented numerous vehicles in McIntosh, MN. Rapid flooding washed out a driveway and flooded roads in Bemidji. Several trees were felled near Ada.
An F3 tornado ripped through Cass and Clay county on the south end of Fargo.
An F2 tornado caused extensive damage to a farm in Hitterdal, MN (Clay county)
An F4 tornado ripped through Mountain, ND during a tornado outbreak in northeast North Dakota during the mid afternoon
Tornadoes in Ottertail County, with an EF2 near Lake Lida in Minnesota.
Several F3 or F4 tornadoes ripped through Cass and Wilkin counties. Two different supercells likely with these tornadoes (5 killed, 58 injured, 27 mile path combined).
An F1 tornado hit Cavalier and Pembina counties. Several trees were knocked down in each shelterbelt this tornado crossed. A metal roof was also damaged by the tornado.There was anticyclonic rotation noted on radar.
An F2 tornado occurred near Fargo, ND.
Four inch diameter tree branches blown off E of Glyndon at Buffalo River State Park.
Strong thunderstorm winds blew trailer home off a semi into a ditch, shattering the home. Water was reported over Hwy. 210 east of Fergus Falls, MN.
A fairly large F1 tornado tracked for 1 mile near Emerado, ND damaging trees and powerlines.
An F3 tornado moved through Clay and Becker counties to the north of Detroit Lakes with a pathlength of 15 miles.
An F3 tornado struck Parkers Prairie. The tornado caused quite a bit of damage along its path across southeast Otter Tail county before it crossed into Todd county. At one farmstead, nine people huddled inside a house with no basement as its roof was torn off. Nobody was injured, but another trailer home nearby was completely destroyed. Many irrigation systems were overturned, trees, power poles, and lines snapped, and grain bins destroyed by the strong wind. An estimated 100 poles were broken off leaving nearly 1,100 people without power. At another farm, a 40x80 foot pole barn was wrecked. About six miles northeast of Parkers Prairie, a man and his two kids rode out the storm in their minivan inside a quonset. Trees all around them and the quonset were crumpled by the wind, yet they survived. Another farmstead lost a house, trailer home, and two silos. A turkey barn containing 12,000 turkeys was also hit, with an estimated 60 percent of the turkeys perishing. (F3-3 injuries)
A few weak tornadoes in Ottertail and Wadena counties. Lots of wind with a bow echo, Fargo got hit twice with 60+ mph winds this day.
Heavy rain across parts of the region for the past 48 hours, mainly from near Kindred to Fosston to Gully, where Gully received over 7 inches in 30 hours and lead to flooding concerns once again.
F1 tornado in Ransom county North Dakota.
Strong wind blew several trees over and removed roof from a barn 7 miles southwest of Elbow Lake, MN.
An F3 tornado struck Barnes county and moved due south from 10 miles southwest of Valley city for about 5 miles.
4.64 inches of rain in Fargo. Flooding at Fargo and Fargo dome. Record rain for date in June.
A brief tornado touchdown 4 miles north of Rothsay, MN in Wilkin county demolished a 76x296 foot roof on a turkey barn.
A large scale damaging wind event, or derecho moved through southeast North Dakota into Minnesota lakes country causing considerable damage to cabins in MN.
An F5 tornado struck Fargo, ND - F5 (13 deaths, 103 injuries) - Refer to webpage http://www.crh.noaa.gov/fgf/?n=fargojune1957f5
Six inch diameter tree blown down in Crookston, MN.
An F5 tornado struck Fergus Falls, MN. At least 57 people were killed and over 200 injured. The tornado was 400 yards wide with and was on the ground for 20 miles.
More information on June 22 1919…
Low topped supercell in a very cold airmass for this time of year. F1 tornado occurred at 1044 am, had an intermittent track from 3.5 miles south of Arvilla to 8 miles south of Emerado. Numerous large trees were uprooted in shelterbelts and farm yards.
An F2 or F3 tornado moved through Polk county near Fisher, MN and destroyed two barns. The tornado was 100 yards wide and tracked for 2 miles.
An F2 or F3 tornado moved from 2 miles west of Langdon across the south edge of Langdon. The tornado was 150 yards wide and had a pathlength of 6 miles.
An F2 or F3 tornado tracked through Ottertail county north of Underwood for 3 miles.
Significant rain across the north causes more flooding. There was severe weather and a tornado south of Grafton and near Larimore and in Nelson county
an F2 tornado struck Greenbush, MN and damaged two homes, several farm buildings, and two steel grain bins as it struck 10N and 2E of Greenbush. One man barely made it out of his trailer home before the tornado struck.
An F3 or F4 tornado struck Towner county, and moved NNE from 8SSW of Cando through Cando. Twenty buildings and much other destruction. Picture in Grazulis book from ND Hist. Soc. F3/F4 (2 injured, 500yd wide 15 mi path)
Havana, Sargent county. Numerous trees were blown down or uprooted along the damage path. A roof was torn off a pole barn in Havana. Peak winds were estimated at 120 mph. F1 and an F2 510pm 8NNW Fergus Falls The tornado flattened an older barn and uprooted several trees. Two people narrowly escaped the tornado as it hit the barn. The landowner reported that another tornado had hit another barn on same site back in 1933. Peak winds were estimated at 130 mph.
A "Huge Mushroom" F3 tornado moves from 12m NNW of Grand Forks, near Manvel to the SE injuring 8.

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