Eastern ND and Northwest MN Weather History

The Weather History for the Month of July

An F2 or F3 tornado moved through Towner and Ramsey counties. The tornado tracked northeast passing 8 miles SE of Cando injuring 1
Walcott F4 tornado in Richland county killed 2 and injured 19. This tornado may have been an F5 in a few places with extreme damage noted from pictures.
An F2 tornado moved from 1 mile southeast of Humbolt, in Kittson county. The tornado demolished three large grain bins, tore the doors off a large steel building, and blew down a small radio tower. Peak winds were estimated at 140 mph. There were other F1 tornadoes in northwest MN on this day.
An F2 or F3 tornado moved through Grand Forks and Polk counties. The tornado moved ESE 10 m S Grand Forks to SE of Marcoux. In MN, 33 buildings were destroyed on 15 farms with 3 killed, 8 injured, 200yd wide, and 40m pathlengh.
Several tornadoes up to F4 intensity moved from Manitoba into Polk county with a damage track of nearly 100 miles. 11 were killed with 47 injured. F4 (100m PL intermittent track, massive long tracked supercell?)
Many large tree branches blown over by thunderstorm winds north of Crookston. A construction site outhouse was blown over. One inch of rain fell in 20 minutes southwest of Walhalla in Pembina county.
A tornado moved through Cavalier and Ramsey counties and moved southeasdt passing 5m E of Derrick to just south of Egeland. This tornado was an F2 or perhaps an F3 on the Fujita scale with a 15 mile path length.
The mercury soared to 114 degrees in Fargo. This was the all time record high temp ever in Fargo.
Rolla EF3 tornado moved into Towner cty.
9:20 p.m. 8 mile track/100yd wide. Verndale, MN (Wadena county). A tornado that formed near Verndale intensified as it reached the Aldrich area. A mobile home, garage, barn, and three vehicles were destroyed 3E of Aldrich. Two people inside the mobile home when the tornado hit, suffered cuts, bruises, and a sprained ankle. The couples' son, sitting inside a car parked outside the mobile home, also sustained cuts and bruises. A horse trailer was pushed into his car and then into some nearby trees. Quite a bit of tree damage occurred along the damage path. The tornado then passed out of Wadena county and into Todd county. F2 (3 injuries).
The largest earthquake in Minnesota's history, a 4.6 magnitude earthquake was feld in western MN. The earthquake was felt over an area of approximately 315,000 square kilometers including northern Iowa, Minnesota, southeastern North Dakota, and eastern South Dakota. Maximum intensity was VI. This is the largest earthquake ever instrumentally located in the state of Minnesota. The last strongly felt earthquake in the State was a shock that occurred on September 3, 1917 near Staples with a maximum intensity of VI.
An F1 tornado ripped through the fairgrounds at Hallock.
An F2 or F3 tornado struck Ottertail county and moved southeast near Pelican Lake for about 4 miles.
An F3 tornado hit Wadena County, MN.
An F2 of F3 tornado moved ENE near Dorothy to 3S of St. Hilaire for 12 miles and damaged eight farms.
Several weak tornadoes occurred in Mahnomen county, and the dewpoint in Fargo hit 75 for a steamy day. There was also a tornado near Wilmar, MN.
Derecho severely damaged roof of FargoDome and wind gusts were measured at 91 mph at the Fargo Airport. The high wind event continued into Minnesota producing considerable wind damage. Refer to the following website for additional details. http://www.spc.noaa.gov/misc/AbtDerechos/casepages/jul1995derechopage.htm
An F3 or F4 tornado struck Walsh county 6 miles northeast of Grafton and killed 1 person and injured 5 and had a path length of 10 miles.
An F2 tornado hit Oslo, MN at 1 a.m. The tornado lifted the roof off a warehouse, depositing it nearly two miles away to the southeast. A 6-ton truck was also pushed nearly 150 yards.
An F3 tornado moved through Grand Forks county from near Emerado to around Thompson. Home and all buildings destroyed on a farm 6W Merrifield. Barns destroyed on two other farms. 2 people were injured and the path length was around 11 miles.
An extreme damaging wind event from Finley, ND south through Ransom county. Lots of trees down and crop damage, and a tornado near Tower City. Numerous power and high tension lines down as well.
Long tracked supercell moved out of Canada to near Thief River Falls, MN. Brief touchdowns with EF1 damage. .
Goflball size hail fell in Ottertail county Minnesota.
An F3 tornado struck Pekin, ND around 605 PM CDT, and had a 5 mile path length and was 150yd wide. The tornado hit the home of the Nelson county sheriff, who was out of town at the time. The tornado tore the roof off the house and destroyed the barn. A piece of farm machinery was thrown through the bedroom wall and a tractor was hurled 75 yards. The sheriff's squad car was crushed. Another F1 touched down in Marshall county, MN near Gatzke at 9:05 p.m.
Interstate 94 derecho or extreme wind event moved through Fargo then down interstate 94 and went all the way to Chicago. 114mph wind gust at Alexandria, MN.
7 F0 tornadoes and 1 F1 tornado moved through Minnesota. These tornadoes are called landspout tornadoes since they spin up from the ground instead of descending from a supercell. A local casestudy was done by the NWS office in Grand Forks, and the paper is located at http://www.crh.noaa.gov/fgf/science/CaseStudy/19980720Tornado/Tech_Attachment.pdf
Flooding rains from Florian to the Middle River area - several farmsteads surrounded by flooded fields and ditches. Florian Village Park flooded by small creek. Middle River City park flooded by Middle River..
An F3 tornado moved through Griigs county 4 miles south of Aneta around 7: 45 p.m. One person was injured and the tornado was about 100 yards wide.
Very large hail up to 3.5 inches diameter fell in Steele county 5E Sharon in a very tropical airmass at 956am.
A cold front swept out of Canada on Thursday (Jul 23rd) and developed severe thunderstorms over parts of the Red River Valley and West Central Minnesota. Damaging hail fell near Crookston, MN with numerous golfball reports and up to 2 inch hail with lots of damage
East Grand Forks - Four inch diameter tree branches blown down. North of Logan Center - 90 foot radio tower blown over onto a house. East of McVille - Chimney blown off a house with several barns destroyed. House damaged by flying debris.
Thompson ND area - Microburst produced damaging winds to 65 mph. Four boxelder trees up to 14 inches in diameter snapped off near ground. Nearby crops partly flattened.
F1 tornado occurred in Hubbard county Minnesota.
An F3 tornado moved northeast near Wales passing across Mt. Carmel Township into Manitoba. Large barns were destroyed with a 12 mile path length.
Large hail and wind event rolling from eastern ND into western. Mn.
South of Hoffman MN - Roofs lifted and torn away, walls collapsed on two massive hog finishing barns in SE Land Township. 800 swine uninjured.
SE of Mountain ND - Tornado briefly touched down in farm yard and tracked to open pastureland where it dissipated. Poplar tree snapped off near base and heavy tarpaulin which covered large haystack was partly shredded.
North of Florian MN - Power lines blown down.

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