Eastern ND and Northwest MN Weather History

The Weather History for the Month of August

Flooding begins in Nelson county and persists through Aug 15. Lake Laretta grew from a 1.5 mile long lake to 5 miles long and the city of Michigan was threatened. Many roads were lost in addition to farmland..
Tornado in Walsh County, ND with a 2 mile path length moved E from 2S. of Grafton. Homes and barns leveled to the ground. Debris carried for two miles. F3 or F4 (1 death, 3inj.)
Tornado in Walsh county moved northeast from 5W Fordville. 10 farms damaged. F2/F3 (7m PL, 1 injured.)
Large hail up to 2 inches in diameter and wind gusts to 70 mph were common in Cavalier county during the evening.
An F3 tornado struck Warroad, MN during the evening. Significant damage was done to the Marvin Windows plant, in addition to the point area and numerous farmsteads in the area.
Three quarter inch hail fell 1 miles southwest of Cando in Towner county North Dakota.
Baseball size hail fell at Hannaford in Griggs county with with numerous reports of 1 inch hail in the area with windows broken and vehicles damaged.
A derecho moved through Grand Forks with 100+ mph winds causing significant damage. The Grand Forks Airbase gusted to 112mph.
High winds blew a train off the tracks at the Luverne Trestle Bridge in the Sheyenne River Valley of North Dakota. Peak winds were estimated at 85 mph.
EF1 tornado at Stump Lake with damage to the Stump Lake Campground. RFD winds also contributed to the damage, with wind estimates at 100 mph and a two mile path length. There were also some other severe storms with penny hail and wind damage near Waskish.
A bolt from the blue destroys store front in Fisher, MN.
Flash flood in Wahpeton, ND and Breckenridge, MN with 3-6 inches of rain during a 2-4hr period.
Large elevated supercell with classic signatures and very large hail from Towner into Grand Forks countyt. Hail to at least 2 inches, with possibly larger hail.
Golfball size hail fell over the city of Grand Forks.
An F3 or F4 tornado struck Sargent County, ND. with a 15 mile track, 200 yard width. There were 4 deaths and at least 15 injured.
An F2 or F3 tornado moved from southeast of Audobon, MN to the edge of Detroit Lakes with a path length of around 12 miles.
Golfball size hail fell 1 mile west of Pinecreek, MN in Roseau County.
106 degrees in Fargo. Record for month.
An F2 tornado struck Cass county North Dakota.
Hail up to three quarters of an inch fell 30 miles West of Devils Lake in Benson county North Dakota.
Golfball size hail fell 14 miles southeast of Hansboro in Towner county North Dakota.
A motorhome was rolled over near Westbury in Becker County by thunderstorm winds gusting to around 70 mph.
An F3 tornado ripped through Barnes and Stutsman county in North Dakota, the tornado moved NW from south of Wimbeldon to Courtenay. 3 people were injured injured and the tornado was 100 yd wide with a 9 mile path.
1inch hail fell 1 miles northwest of Knox in Benson county North Dakota.
An F1 tornado 4 miles south of Rothsay, Wilkin counties. A tornado briefly touched down and tracked eastward for about one-quarter of a mile across the north edge of a farmstead. Numerous trees were snapped off or uprooted. A 12x48 foot mobile home was flipped onto its top and destroyed. The mobile home had been resting on its transport wheels in an east-west orientation and was not anchored. It was flipped about 25 yards to the northeast and landed in a north-south orientation. Peak winds were estimated at 110 mph. F1
A devastating EF4 tornado touched down in Northwood, ND around sunset. 1 person was killed and 18 injured.
Numerous reports of large hail up to baseball size and damaging winds in Cavalier, Pembina and Towner counties. There was significant flash flooding in Park River with roughly - of the homes in the town of 1,535 reporting damage. Eight homes had severe structural damage and 10 homes had sewer backup. The Red Cross spend 16,000 helping residents buy new water heaters and furnaces.
Thunderstorm wind gust to 66 mph at Fosston Municipal Airport in Polk County Minnesota.
1 inch hail fell 4 miles northwest of Fairmount in Richland County North Dakota.
West Fargo. Near F4 damage near West Fargo. 20 injuries, 150yd wide. F3
32 degrees in Fargo. Record monthly low.

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