Eastern ND and Northwest MN Weather History

The Weather History for the Month of September

Thunderstorm winds demolished a barn and a sunflower field was flattened in Faith, MN (Norman County).
Golfball size hail fell in Gwinner, ND (Sargent County).
Flash flooding near Fergus Falls with 4 inches of rain over a 2 hour period. Water overtopped numerous county roads in the area.
1 inch hail fell in Cavalier county ND.
3:20 p.m. 4/100 8SW Perham, MN. A tornado tracked through pasture, forest, and corn fields. Numerous trees were knocked down and one farmstead received extensive barn, shed, and home damage. Twelve head of cattle were killed. Several trees were toppled onto homes near Marion Lake. Farmyard debris was carried as far as Perham, about 7 miles northeast. F2
7:50 p.m. 4/200. 4SSE Horace, Cass county ND then tracked into MN clay county. After strong winds and heavy rain hit a farmstead, a tornado followed closely behind. The tornado tracked intermittently along a four mile path. A 30 foot concrete silo was lifted and blown onto a machine shed. Concrete pieces spread in a 60 degree arc 40 to 50 feet from the foundation. One-half of the machine shed was demolished by silo debris. Numerous trees were also snapped off. A window was blown in and siding was ripped off the house. The peak wind speeds were estimated at 120 mph. F2
1 inch hail fell in Hawley, MN (Clay County).
1.25 inch hail 4S Red Lake Falls.
102 degrees in Fargo. Record high temp for month.
Hail up to 1.25 inches, flash flooding and damaging winds gusts occurred in Mahnomen, Clearwater and Norman counties.
Damaging wind occurred in Ramsey County on this day.
Numerous funnel clouds near Fargo.
Damaging thunderstorm winds occurred in Waseca County, Minnesota.
3.8 inches of rain in Fargo. Monthly record.
Golfball hail fell in Brown County, Minnesota.
15 miles east of Bemidji three quarter inch hail was reported.
Several large tree limbs were blown down and some crop damage was reported 3 miles northwest of Devils Lake (Ramsey County) from thunderstorm winds.
Hail up to 1.5 inches in diameter fell 1 mile south of Williams, MN (Lake of the Woods County). There were also numerous other hail reports of around 1 inch throughout northwest Minnesota. Lightning struck a woman leaving work in Grand Forks, ND as she walked to her car after work. She went to the emergency room for observation and later reported seizure like muscle twitches.
Baseball size hail fell in Comstock, MN (Clay County) and 4 miles north of Wolverton, MN (Wilkin County). There was substantial damage to roofs, windows and cars throughout the area. A F1 tornado was also reported 3 miles east of Downer, MN (Clay County) with damage done to a barn and calf pens were also flipped over.
Golfball size hail was reported in Hennepin County, Minnesota.
Nickel size hail 1 mile south of Tolna in Nelson County North Dakota.
Large hail fell in Fargo and Moorhead around 3 am. Most of the hail was golfball size, and some hail stones were up to 3 inches in diameter. This caused nearly 10 million dollars in damage to homes and vehicles.
Thunderstorm wind damage 3 miles north of Orleans, MN in Kittson County. Heavy rain also fell in a narrow band from near Devils Lake to around Pembina., ND with abundant moisture present in the atmosphere.
Thunderstorm wind gusts around 60 mph in Red Lake and Roseau counties.
1 inch hail fell in Pennington County Minnesota.
2 inches of snow in Fargo. Earliest measurable in Fargo and most in month.
1 inch hail fell in New York Mills (Ottertail County).
Strong winds gusted over 50 mph behind a powerful cold front with moderate rain showers at times.
Lightning struck a house in Hickson, ND (Cass County) causing extensive damage and a small neck burn to a man inside.
Lightning ignited a fire that destroyed a potato storage and machinery warehouse in Climax, MN in Polk County.
17 degrees in Fargo. Coldest in Sept.

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