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Forecasts based on latest model output issued by the National Center for Environmental Prediction (NCEP)

Model Guidance/Other Tabular Products

  • Point Forecast Matrices (PFM) - tabular forecasts for specific points within the NWS Sioux Falls CWA, produced by the local forecasters (text format)
  • Model Output Statistics (MOS) from NOAA/MDL
    Note:  Defaulted to retrieve output for FSD/HON/SUX.  For additional sites-hold CTRL key while selecting sites from list before clicking Submit button.
NAM MOS: (Interpret)

Remainder of the Country
GFS MOS: (Interpret)

Remainder of the Country
GFSX MOS: (Interpret)

Remainder of the Country

Remainder of the Country
Hourly LAMP Guidance

Remainder of the Country

Graphical MOS Products

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