Tornado near Colton, South Dakota on 16 September 2006

Picture of tornado north of Colton, South Dakota.

Picture of the tornado near Colton South Dakota taken by Brian Stertz.  Debris can be seen being lifted by the tornado as outbuildings are destroyed by the tornado.  This picture was taken around 4:55 pm CDT.

Radar reflectivity image from 4:53 pm CDT 16 September 2006.Storm relative motion image from 4:53 pm CDT 16 September 2006.

A map of the tornado path north of Colton, South Dakota on 16 September 2006.

The supercell that produced the F2 tornado in McCook County continued to move northeast and crossed into Minnehaha County after 4:40 pm CDT.  A second tornado formed 4 miles north of Colton near the Lake and Moody County line.  The radar image shown above and taken at 4:55 pm CDT shows a mature supercell.  The forward flank of the storm, with the large hail, was located across Lake and Moody Counties.  However, a rear flank downdraft (RFD) can be seen extending southward into extreme northern Minnehaha County.  Also, while not indicated on the radar image, the supercell is located along a boundary that extends from the supercell southwest toward Canistota.  This boundary would have been a source for increased rotation which helped the tornado to form.

The tornado touched down at 4:54 pm CDT and one minute later did F1 damage to a farm just south of the Lake County border.  There were also reports of damage to power lines in the area.  The tornado then briefly crossed into Lake and then Moody County before dissipating at 4:57 pm CDT.  This storm continued to move east and produced small hail as it moved across Moody County.  The storm weakened as it moved across the state line into Minnesota.  While several funnel clouds were reported with the storm in Pipestone County none touched the ground. is the U.S. government's official web portal to all federal, state and local government web resources and services.