McCook County Tornado from 16 September 2006

Picture of McCook County tornado crossing interstate 90.

Picture of the McCook County tornado as it crosses Interstate 90 near the Canistota exit.  Click the image to enlarge.


Radar reflectivity image from 4:08 pm CDT 16 September 2006

Radar reflectivity image taken at 4:08 pm CDT 16 September 2006.  This image is taken from the radar in Aberdeen, South Dakota.  A BWER is evident on the image south of Salem South Dakota and is coincident with a very strong rotation in the same location.  Note that this rotation is located south of Interestate 90.  The tornado was reported 2 minutes later by spotters.

A supercell moved from Hutchinson county and into McCook County South Dakota during the late afternoon on 16 September 16 2006.  The storm travelled to the northeaset and moved into McCook County.  The tornado formed near Bridgewater, South Dakota, in southwest McCook County around 4:10 pm CDT.  The map below shows a detailed path.  The storm moved northeast  and damaged a hog confinement west of Highway 81.  The storm moved across Highway 81 and did damage to several buildings on a farm.  At 4:18 pm CDT, the tornado crossed Interstate 90 and damaged several buildings north of of the interstate.  In addition, a semi truck was blown off the road from inflow into the tornadic storm.  More damage occured as the tornado moved across a pasture.  Several cattle were also killed by the tornado.  Aroun 4:30 pm CDT, the tornado lifted a couple miles west of Montrose.  The storm continued to the northeast and produced an F1 tornado near Colton, South Dakota.


Overturned semi-truck along interstate 90.  Click image to enlarge. Aerial view of tornado path through McCook County.
Overturned semi-tractor trailer along Interstate 90 east of  the Canistota exit.  The tornado crossed I-90 west of the overpass.  Aerial view of the tornado path through corn fields in rural McCook County.
Numerous out-buildings severely damage, if not destroyed.  Click image to enlarge. Older farm equipment overturned and damaged. Click image to enlarge
 Numerous out-buildings were severely damaged, if not destroyed.
 Older farm equipment that was overturned and damaged.  The combine in the center of the photo was not tossed or drug, but flipped over.
Picture showing minor tree damage in shelter belt.  Click image to enlarge. Roof of house partially removed.  Click image to enlarge.
 Minor tree damage.
 Roof of house partially removed. is the U.S. government's official web portal to all federal, state and local government web resources and services.