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Last map update: Sun, Feb. 1, 2015 at 10:45:22 am CST
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9:53 am
 Snow Freezing Fog and Windy. Click for additional data and forecast.
Snow Freezing Fog and Windy
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Hastings, Nebraska

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Grand Island, Nebraska

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Kearney, Nebraska

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Current Weather Observations
Location Time
Weather Vsby.
Chill (ºF)
Grand Island, NE09:53 Snow Freezing Fog and Windy0.257384N 26 G 38-1530.15
Kearney, NE10:35Overcast and Breezy1.259378N 25 G 31-1330.17
Hastings, NE09:53 Freezing Fog and Windy0.259584N 33 G 39-1530.12
Aurora, NE10:35 Light Snow and Windy0.258586N 26 G 37-1430.15
Broken Bow, NE09:53 Snow and Windy0.56180N 32 G 40-1830.19
Columbus, NE17:35Overcast1.5322887E 72529.93
Hebron, NE10:35 Light Snow0.7511680NW 20 G 26-730.11
Holdrege, NE10:35 Light Snow and Windy1.2510682N 26 G 32-1130.17
Lincoln, NE09:54 Light Snow Freezing Fog and Windy0.5161284N 31 G 39-430.04
Lexington, NE10:35Overcast with Haze and Breezy210478N 24 G 32-1030.22
McCook, NE09:53Fair with Haze and Breezy513467NW 25 G 41-730.21
North Platte, NE09:53Overcast and Breezy10+6-269N 21 G 29-1430.24
Ord, NE09:53 Snow and Windy0.55-176N 26 G 36-1830.20
York, NE10:15 Light Snow and Breezy0.759585N 22 G 31-1230.11
Concordia, KS09:55 Light Snow Fog/Mist and Windy1151184N 30 G 44-530.06
Hill City, KS09:53Overcast and Windy10+15874NW 28 G 36-530.18
Hays, KS10:35Overcast and Windy10+18558NW 28 G 38-130.16
Russell, KS09:53 Light Snow and Windy9181381NW 31 G 39-230.11
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