River Observer from Fullerton Receives 15 Year Length of Service Award

(Pictured above is Wayne Wondercheck with his 15 Year Length-of-Service Award from the National Weather Service)

Recently the National Weather Service office in Hastings, Nebraska presented Wayne Wondercheck an award for his 15 years of service, as a river observer.  Wayne Wondercheck has been the river observer on the Cedar River 3 miles northwest of Fullerton since January 1992.  Wayne monitors the conditions on the Cedar River 3 miles northwest of Fullerton.  There is a wire weight gage located on the Cedar River bridge at this location.  Mr. Wondercheck has utilized the wire weight gage on many occasions, to relay information about river stage heights and river flooding, to the National Weather Service.  Wayne has provided an invaluable service to the National Weather Service throughout his many years as a stellar river observer. 

With the gage station being on the northern edge of NWS Hastings area of responsibility for warnings, the river readings on the Cedar River near Fullerton have an important role for assessing the potential of river flooding downstream, as the Cedar River drains into the Loup River just east of Fullerton.   

(Pictures above are downstream and upstream views of the Cedar River 3 miles northwest of Fullerton)

(map of Fullerton 3NW river gage site)

(Pictures above were taken at Fullerton 3NW on May 31st, 2007 - after recent heavy rainfall)

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