Bob and Linda Levin from Smith Center Receive Length of Service Awards

Representing the National Weather Service office in Hastings, Nebraska - Data Acquisition Program Manager Marla K. Doxey presented a 40 year Length of Service Award to Bob Levin, and a 10 year Length of Service Award to Linda Levin, his backup observer. The Levins report the daily precipitation and temperatures for the Smith Center, Kansas area. In the past 40 years they tallied up over 43 thousand temperature observations as they reported temperatures twice a day for a number of years, and would also send a current temperature reading around the noon hour. Over 14 thousand precipitation reports were sent. Bob has also been a recipient of the Thomas Jefferson Award.

The Thomas Jefferson award originated as a way for the National Weather Service to honor Cooperative Observers for unusual and outstanding achievements in the field of meteorological observations. It is the highest award presented to the volunteer observers and is named for the third president of the United States. Jefferson, the statesman-scientist, made an almost unbroken series of weather observations from 1776 to 1816. His old instruments may now be seen at Monticello, his home in Charlotteville, Virginia.

No more that five Jefferson awards are presented annually. The certificate is signed by the Secretary of Commerce and the Under Secretary for Oceans and Atmosphere. To be eligible for this award, the candidate must have received the John Campanius Holm award at least five years prior to nomination, and must still be performing duties in an outstanding manner.

Being an amateur paleontologist, Bob can be found digging around the country side in search of fossils. He has one of the best collections in central Kansas and has worked with National Geographic Magazine.

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