Storm Damage Pictures from the Wednesday August 22nd Severe Weather Outbreak

All pictures were taken by NWS employees while conducting a storm survey the day after the severe weather outbreak.

Image 1: This Geneva house experienced some roof damage from falling trees.

Image 2: Extensive cleanup efforts were underway in the town of Fairmont the day after the wind storm.

Image 3: This Fairmont car wash lost its tin roof as a result of 60 to 70mph straight line winds that blew the roof over the building in the background and into a second building just a little further downwind (See Image 4).

Image 4: Roof from the Fairmont car wash smashed through the roof of this nearby building.

Image 5: Power lines down around the Fairmont school. Over 50% of the town lost power during the storm

Image 6: Tree damage in Fairmont

Image 7: Tree damage in Fairmont

Image 8: Hundreds of birds were found dead beneath two nearby trees. The most likely cause of death is believed to have been a lightning strike. However, wind driven hail is another possibility.

Image 9: A newly constructed grain bin previously standing 125 ft in height was ripped from its foundation by strong straight line winds on the west side of Saronville.

Image 10: Debris from the Saronville grain bin hangs from a power line.

Image 11: Another view of the Saronville grain bin

Image 12:  Power lines down due to strong straight line winds along Highway 6 just to the southwest of Harvard.

Image 13:  Sign blown down on the east side of Hastings .

Image 14: Tin roof peeled back off of a Hastings b uilding .

Image 15: Tin roof entangled in power lines in Hastings

Image 16:  Power poles blown down along Highway 6 on the east side of Hastings .

Image 17:  Tree damage in Hastings is the U.S. government's official web portal to all federal, state and local government web resources and services.