The failing National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) Satellite USA-193/NROL-21 will be passing within view of Central Nebraska this evening and Wednesday evening and should be permitting.  The satellite is falling from orbit and is expected to reenter the earth’s atmosphere in late March.  Since February of 2007...USA-193 has fallen about 62 miles out of orbit and since February 1st of this has fallen about 10 miles out of orbit.  Plans are underway by the U.S. military to destroy the satellite over the Pacific sometime after February 20th so your chance to view it may be limited to the next two nights.   Ideally...this evening will provide the best opportunity to catch a glimpse of Satellite USA-193 when it will appear brightest and well above the horizon.

                                   Schedule of USA-193 Viewable Times (CST)

                                                   First Appearance                                       Peak Elevation                                                     Disappearance 
Date Time Elevation Direction Time Elevation Direction Time Elevation Direction
February 19th 6:42:44 PM 10° SW 6:44:56 PM 86° WSW 6:47:12 PM 10° NE
February 20th 6:35:16 PM 1 WSW 6:37:26 PM 47° NW 6:39:37 PM 10° NNE
Elevation is expressed in degrees elevation above the horizon.   Times were calculated for Hastings, Nebraska. is the U.S. government's official web portal to all federal, state and local government web resources and services.