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2009 Web Stories
National Tornado Experiment to Begin in May
April 17-18 Rainfall and Severe Storms
Severe Weather, Snow and Wind April 4th and 5th
Brief Tornado Touchdowns April 4th
March 2009 Weather Summary
Winds Roar Like a Lion March 31
Twin 'Fire Storms' March 23rd
Very Windy (Again) March 24th
Thunderstorms and Intense Winds March 23rd
Record High Temperature Tied at Grand Island March 16
Waterfowl Migration on Radar
Record-Tying Warmth on March 5
February 2009 Weather Summary
Winter Warmer Than Normal For the Tri-Cities
Snowfall Totals on February 27-28
Strong Winds on Friday February 20th
Friday the 13th Snow Totals
Windy Conditions February 9
Record High Temperatures February 5-6
Hagemeyer Award Presentation
January 2009 Weather Summary
Snowfall January 23rd - 27th
Windy Again January 19th
Strong Winds January 12th
Windy January 9th
New Year's Day Climatology for the Area

 2008 Web Stories
December Climate Connection
2008 - A Summary of Tornadoes and Significant Weather Events
2008 - Climate Review
Coldest December Low Temperatures in 8 Years
Snowfall December 23rd and 24th

December 18th Winter Weather
December 16th Snowfall
December 15th Frigid Temperatures
Strong Winds December 14th
Snow and Strong Winds December 8th and 9th
November Climate Connection
Strong Winds November 30th
Thanksgiving Climate
Winter Weather Awareness
Mixed Precipitation November 10-11
Very Strong Winds November 6th
Record Breaking October Rainfall
Gusty Winds October 26th
October 21-23 Rain, Snow and Wind
Rainfall Totals October 11-15
Heavy Rain Strikes the Area
COOP Observers Receive Length of Service Awards
Pronounced Reduction in U.S. Drought
Fall Freeze Information for Kansas and Nebraska
August 2008 Climate Connection
Warmer Than Normal for the Nation this Summer, but Nebraska and Kansas Cooler
Larry Gillett Receives Holm Award
Labor Day Climatology for Some Cities in the Area
Thomas Jefferson Award Winner
Flooding August 23 and 24
Heavy Rain Reports August 6th and 7th
July 2008 Climate Connection
Baseball Size Hail Strikes Phillips County - July 26th
June 2008 Climate Connection
Hastings Measures Highest 2-Day Rainfall in 18 Years
Heavy Rainfall Round Two - July 17
Heavy Rainfall Round One - July 15
Severe Weather and Heat Bursts July 14
Heavy Rain, Strong Winds and Large Hail July 9th
July 7th Severe Weather Summary
July 5th Severe Weather Summary
June 25th Flooding Across Buffalo and Hall Counties
June 20th Severe Storm Reports and Photos
Its Been Wet...Revisited
Storms Last Night and More Storms Tonight
May 2008 Climate Connection
Tornado Season Could Be a Record
Lightning Safety Week...June 22-28
June 11th Severe Storm Reports
More Rain Across the Area on June 8th
Storm Summary from June 7th and 8th
It's Been Wet!
Storm Summary from June 5th
Storm Summary from June 4th
Sunrise Storm Reports from June 2nd
EF1 Tornado Hits Thayer County on May 29th
EF1 Tornado in Rooks County on May 29th
EF3 Tornado Hits Mitchell and Jewell Counties on May 29th
Supercell Photos from Rooks County on May 29th
Storm Report Map from May 29th
Hamilton and York County Tornado Events on May 29th
Tornado Damage in the Kearney Area on May 29th
Preliminary Storm Reports from May 29th
Heavy Rainfall Drenches the Area on May 22-24
Wind Speed and Rainfall Data for May 10th
Spring Freeze Data for the Area
Damage Survey from Mitchell and Cloud Counties in Kansas on April 25
Severe Weather Strikes Parts of the Area April 24-25
Rainfall Totals from April 16-17
April 15 Winds were ‘Taxing’
March Climate Connection
Smoke Across Portions of the Region on April 14
A Windy Day on Friday April 11
Spring Snow Reports from April 10
Nebraska Severe Weather Awareness Week - April 7-11
February 2008 Climate Connection
Fowl Play?
Coldest Winter Since 2001
Did you remember to set your clocks forward last night?
Flood Safety Awareness Week - March 17-21
Kansas Severe Weather Awareness Week - March 10-14
Spring Hydrologic Outlook Issued
A Windy Monday Across the Region
Service Change Notice for the Rangeland Fire Danger Index
Updated...Failing U.S. Satellite May Be Viewable Over Central Nebraska
January 2008 Climate Connection
Total Lunar Eclipse to Occur February 20
Final Snowfall Totals from the February 5th Snowstorm
Arctic Air and Snow Arrived Tuesday
Tired of Winter?
Duration of Continuous Snow Cover Nears Record
Climate Connection December 2007
Snow Rollers Formed on Thursday!
Snowfall Amounts from January 9-10
2007 Drought in Review
Winter 2008 U.S. Drought Outlook and October to December 2007 Summary
Economic Impacts of the 2007 Drought
A Look Back at the Significant Weather Events of 2007

2007 Web Stories
Another Round of Snow on December 28th
2007 Climate - Year in Review
Snowfall Amounts from the December 14-15 Winter Storm
Winter Storm Event of Dec 10-11
Winter Weather Types
A Fresh Blanket of Snow from Dec 5-6 Event
Ice Accumulations on December 1
November 2007: A Dry One to Remember
November 23 and 24 Snows
Record High Temperatures on November 11, 2007
Nebraska's First Astronaut to Fly By Nov. 7, 2007
Winter Weather Awareness Day 2007
Genoa River Observer Receives 20 Year Length of Service Award
Freeze in Your Future? Average First Freeze Dates
Damage Survey from August 22nd Storms
11th Annual High Plains Conference
Heavy Rains Greet The Region Again
Heavy Rains Drench the Region
New Meteorologist-in-Charge Takes Over in Hastings
Special Service Award Presented to Miller Observer
Smith Center Observers Receive Length of Service Awards
40 Year Length of Service Award Presented to Covert Kansas Observers
Local Storm Reports from June 22nd and 23rd 2007
June 6th Strong Winds
NOAAWatch - Daily Briefing
2007 Lightning Safety Information
Benjamin Franklin Award Presented to Naponee Observers
Fullerton River Observer Receives 15 Year Length-of-Service Award
Commerce Department Awards Bronze Medal to NWS Hastings
Precipitation at a Glance
A Wet and Warm May
A Cold and Wet April
Phillipsburg Tornado Damage Survey
Dawson County Tornado of April 20th 2007
Yes, It’s Been That Cold
Average Date of the last Spring Freeze
Spring Begins
Beneficial Rain Widespread Across the Region
Peak Wind Gusts on March 3rd
Peak Wind Gusts on March 2nd
Peak Wind Gusts on March 1st
Regional Doppler Radar
High Winds from February 25th Winter Storm
A Blanket of White
Peak Wind Gusts on February 16th
Snowfall Amounts from Weekend Storm of January 20th and 21st
Weekend Snowfall Amounts - January 13th and 14th 2007
Summary of the December 29th-31st 2006 Winter Storm
Storm Photo Gallery (Dec 29th-31st, 2006)

2006 Web Stories
Climate and Meteorological Year in Review
Drought Comparisons for the Tri-Cities
NWS Information in Geospatial (GIS) Format
November 15th Snowfall
Peak Wind Gusts Across South Central Nebraska on October 30th
NOAA All-Hazards Weather Radio Show Transcript from October 26th
NWS Hastings Fall 2006 Newsletter (PDF)
September 2006: Kearney Below Normal for First Time in a Long Time
NWS Hastings Adds Local Office Research
Rural Jewell County COOP Observer Receives 10 Year Length of Service Award
COOP Special Service Awards
North Central Kansas Tornadoes and Widespread Rain from September 21st
Husker Harvest Days 2006
Confirmed Tornado in Buffalo County on September 15th
Weather Calculators Added
Local Radar Information for Limited Bandwidth Usage
Weekend Rainfall Totals Across Our Region
Holm Award Presented to Mike Overturf of Rural Clay Center
Heavy Rains Drench the Region on August 16th
Beneficial Rainfall Across the Region on August 7th and 8th
No Tornadoes So Far This year
Storm Summary from June 21st
Heat Bursts Occur Across South Central Nebraska on June 20th
Archived Cooperative Observer Precipitation
Cambridge COOP River Observer Receives 25 Year Length of Service Award
Record Breaking Heat Grips the Area
Harlan Reservoir Water Jamboree
Storm Summary from May 23rd
Loup City COOP Observer Receives 5 Year Special Service Award
Spring 2006 COOP Newsletter
May 11th 2005 – Storms Revisited
Gusty Winds Howl Across the Plains
Severe Weather Rolls Across the Central Plains on March 30th
Orleans COOP Observer Receives 15 Year Length of Service Award
Fullerton COOP Observer Receives 15 Year Length of Service Award
Storm Summary from March 12th
Central Plains Snowstorm of March 18-21
County Snowfall Totals from Snowstorm of March 18-21
More Record High Temperatures Across the Tri-Cities on February 28th
Record Warmth of February 27th
Red Cloud Weather Observers Receive 30 Year Length of Service Award
A Final Look at the Late Winter Snowstorm: Easily a 100 year Snowstorm!
Record Warmth for January in the Tri-Cities
2005 Climate Connection
Temperatures Continue to Defy Winter

2005 Web Stories
2005 Storm Gallery
2005 Weather In Review
New Year's Day in the Tri-Cities
Christmas Day in the Tri-Cities
Weekend Snow Across North Central Kansas
Long Period Of Below Freezing Temperatures To End
November 2005 Blizzard Snowdrift Photos
Comparison of 11/27-11/28/2005 Blizzard to 1983 and 1996 Blizzards
Tri-Cities Thanksgiving Day Climatology
Local Cooperative Observers Receive Prestigious Award
Much Cooler Weather Arrives Just in Time for Fall
Labor Day in the Central Plains - A Climatological Preview
New Daily Record Low Temperatures July 27
Lightning Safety Awareness Week: June 19-25
Rooks County Tornado Damage from June 9

A Look Back at the Grand Island Tornadoes of June 3, 1980
Flooding and Severe Weather on May 24
Severe Weather Outbreak and Flooding May 11 and 12
Summary of Severe Weather on May 7
Severe Thunderstorms With Very Large Hail on April 18
March Winds Roar Across The Area
A Cold Roaring Wind Across the Plains
Brrr! Record Cold Temperatures on January 15
First Snowfall of the New Year Blankets the Region

2004 Web Stories
Climate Highlights of 2004
Significant Weather Events of 2004
Very Warm Conditions of Fall 2004
Dreaming of a White Christmas?
Strong Winds on December 12
Skywarn Recognition Day - December 4
Snowfall Totals from the First Winter Storm of the 2004/2005 Season
Widespread Rainfall November 17-19
Pre-Halloween Howler
Osceola Cooperative Observers Awarded the Holm Award
September Among the Top 10 Warmest Across South Central Nebraska
Cold Morning Low Temperatures Bring the First Frost of the Season October 2
Much-Needed Heavy Rainfall Across the Area - September 22
Strong Winds Blow through the Region
An Early Frost or Freeze - What's The Chance?
Summer 2004 Ranks Among the Coldest on Record
Possible El Nino this Winter
Chance of Precipitation - What Does it Mean?
Perseid Meteor Shower of August 11 and 12
Superior, Nebraska Cooperative Observer Ed Groves Retires After 47 Years
Record Cool Temperatures of July 23-26
Severe Thunderstorms Strike Central Nebraska July 12
A Cool Start to Summer
A Wet Start to the Month of July
July 8-9 Damaging Bow Echo Across the Area
Severe Thunderstorms Pound North Central Kansas on July 7
Much-Needed Early July Rainfall
River Observers Awarded for 20 Years of Service
2004 Lightning Safety Awareness Week
      -- Bolt from the Blue - An Introduction
      -- Outdoor Lightning Safety
      -- Indoor Lightning Safety
      -- Medical Aspects of Lightning
Mammatus Clouds Visit South Central Nebraska
Event Summary for June 12 Severe Weather
Tornado and Damage Survey in Webster County, NE
NWS Personnel Visit Students in Alton, KS
Storm Event Summary From May 22nd and 24th
Damage Pictures From May 22nd and 24th
Tornado Outbreak of May 22nd 2004 across South Central Nebraska
NWS Hastings Staff Attend Book Signing
Severe Thunderstorms and Tornadoes of May 16th
COOP Observer at Genoa 2W receives 40 Year Length of Service Award
May 8-9 Rainfall Reports
May 6 Daily Record High Temperatures
Strong Winds Across the Region Wednesday Evening
An Abrupt Weather Change Visits The Area
Changeable Weather Across The Area
Widespread April 24th Rainfall
Strong Winds Blast The Area
Heat Burst in Hastings April 14
April 12th Spring Snowfall Across The Area
Spring Migration At Its Peak
February 4-6th 2004 Snowstorm
February 1-2nd 2004 Snowstorm
January 25-26th 2004 Snowstorm
January 3-4th 2004 Snowstorm

2003 Web Stories
December 9th 2003 Snowfall
September 12 Heavy Rainfall
Cooperative Observer Receives Prestigious Thomas Jefferson Award
Aurora Hailstone Sets Record
Another Round of Heat Bursts - Information on July 6th Heat Bursts
Information on July 3rd Heat Bursts
June 22nd Megastorms!
Severe Storms pound south central Nebraska.
Spring Rainstorm inundates the area.
Spring Snowstorm pounds the area.
Snowstorm blankets the area in white.
Want to share your weather observations? Find out more here

2002 Web Stories
2002 Year-End Summary
Drought Eases with Early October Heavy Rainfall
An Impressive Looking, Mid-morning Gust Front of August 26
Damaging Winds Occurred Wednesday Evening June 19th
A Minor Earthquake Shakes Central Nebraska!
Hail Fell Monday Evening June 17th
Severe Storms Belt the Area Saturday June 15th
Very Large Hail of June 12th
Severe Weather Monday Evening June 10th
Hail Pounds Valley County Friday Evening June 7th
Severe Thunderstorms Thursday Evening June 6th
Strong Winds, Blowing Dust, and Heat Bursts on June 2nd
More Hail Fell Again Tuesday and Wednesday Evenings May 28th and 29th
Severe Weather Struck Memorial Day Weekend
Severe Weather from May 22nd
The Hail Streak Continues - More Large Hail Fell Wednesday May 15th
Large Hail and Tornadoes Strike the Area Sunday May 5th
Severe Storms, Blowing Dust and Strong Winds Affect the Area
Strong Winds Usher Cold Air Back Into the Area April 2
A Narrow Band of Snow Hammers Part of the Area, March 24th
135 Years After Nebraska Becomes a State, Snow Buries the Region, March 1st
Strong Northwest Winds of February 9th and 10th
Winter Storm Pounds the Area on January 31
Strong Northwest Winds of January 13th and 14th

2001 Web Stories
2001 Year-End Summary
First Wintry Weather of the Season Hampers Travel on December 22
Strong Northwest Winds on October 24
Tornado Outbreak in South Central Nebraska October 9
Tornadoes Rip Across Clay County September 22
Heavy Rainfall and Minor Flooding on September 17
Much-Needed September Rainfall Across the Area
Severe Storms Strike on September 7
90 Degree Days Seem Plentiful this Summer
More Severe Weather to Close Out the Month of August
Severe Thunderstorms Bring Rain and Hail to the Area
More Large Hail Over Parts of Kansas
Golfball Size Hail Strikes on August 12
Strong Thunderstorm Winds on July 25
100mph Winds Slam Gaylord, Kansas on July 19
Tornado Touchdown near Hubbell, NE on July 18
Wind Damage Across the North July 8
Severe Storms Bring Their Own Fireworks on July 5
Localized Heat Burst in Grand Island
Father's Day Swath of Very Heavy Rainfall
Tornadoes Strike Southern Nebraska June 13
Large Hail-Producing Storms Strike the Area June 12
Tornadoes Skip Across Rooks and Phillips Counties, Kansas on May 20
Storms Along the State Line on May 16
Brief Tornado Touchdown in Merrick County, Nebraska
More Storms and Tornadoes in Nebraska on May 8
Very Heavy Rainfall Drenches the Area May 3-6
Spring Storm Brings Severe Weather and Heavy Rainfall on April 22
Tornadoes Rip a Path of Destruction Through the Region on April 11
Very Odd Hail Falls Near Ragan, NE
Wind and Hail Make an Appearance on April 6
First Severe Weather of the Season Strikes on April 3
Strong Winds and a Narrow Band of Snow Closes Interstate 80 on March 15
Weekend Winter Storm on March 11th and 12th
Very Heavy Snowfall Across the Area
Snow and Very Cold Wind Chills on February 9
More Heavy Snowfall for the End of January
Light Snowfall Followed by Very Strong Winds on January 26
Rain Changes to Snow Across the Area

2000 Web Stories
2000 Year-End Summary
Strong Winds Buffet the Area Once Again
Third White Christmas in Grand Island since 1990
Snow and Winds Batter the Area on December 18
Very Strong Winds and Cold Temperatures Across the Area
Record Cold Temperatures of December 11
December 10th and 11th Snowstorm
Veterans Day Snowstorm Blasts through the Area
Damage Pictures from Long Island, Kansas



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