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General Information
Transmitter Recent News and Updates to NOAA Weather Radio Section Transmitter
Date News and Updates
12/18/04 - Removed reference to EXT, which was discontinued
- Changed NWR program leader on contact page
- Removed SAME page and changed menu links to point to national NWR SAME page
06/14/04 - Updates to Broadcast Information page for ZFP, EXT, CAE, and SVS
- Added promo for 6/21/04 Live NWR Show
12/01/03 - Removed "Whats New" information from index page
- Added "FEMA for Kids" to corporate left menu
- Transitioned all pages to .php format
- Removed Voice Upgrade information from general info page
09/15/03 - Updated all maps to correct Wheeler/Garfield county mix up
- Updated transmitter overview map and transmitter list on main page to include new Albion transmitter
- Updated WXL-74 and KWN-62 pages to reflect overlapping coverage with Albion transmitter
- Updated KWN-62, KGG-99, and WNG-578 pages to remove preliminary information disclaimer
07/08/03 - Completed construction of online feedback page
05/30/03 - Fixed Site Map Link so that it actually goes to a site map
05/28/03 - Updated KWN-62 transmitter page to reflect addition of Custer county
- Updated WXL-74 and WNG-578 transmitter pages to indicate additional coverage for Fillmore and Thayer counties by KZZ-69
- Updated maps on transmitter main page and KGG-99 transmitter page to move transmitter indicator to correct location in southern Dawson county instead of northern Gosper county
- Created separate news & updates page within General Info section
- Posted information to General Main Page concerning upcoming voice upgrade
- Updated Weather Radio Main Page for color Mark Trail picture and to update What's New
04/03/03 - Modified weather radio main page and general information main page to remove reference to 04/02 Live Show
03/29/03 - Modified weather radio main page for NWR Live Show and link to this section
- Modified general information main page for Live Show date and to create this section
- Updated WXL-74 transmitter page to reflect continued coverage of Sherman county
- Updated KGG-99 and WNG-578 transmitter pages to reflect their operational status, i.e., removed the "Coming Soon"
- Updated all transmitter pages to remove the coming soon references to the above transmitters
- Updated KWN-59 transmitter page to remove WWF-87 from additional coverage for Rooks county; products for Rooks county are no longer broadcast on this transmitter
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