National Flood Safety Awareness Week

 MONDAY - March 16, 2009


National Flood Safety Awareness Week begins today and continues through Friday.

Flooding, though a simple word, conjures up images to all. To some, it may be a damaging flood, such as the flooding of the Vallecito community near Durango in October 2006. To others, it may be a rush of water in a desert wash that almost sweeps their car away.

Floods come in all shapes and sizes and can arrive without a moment’s notice or with a slow creep. They can roll boulders the size of cars, destroy buildings and bridges, and take human lives. Regardless of how they come, floods over the long term have killed more people in the United States than any other type of severe weather.

The goals of our flood awareness campaign are to educate people on hazards associated with floods and flash floods, as well as to let everyone know what can be done to save lives and protect property.
Daily news releases and statements will be issued and broadcast on NOAA Weather Radio during the week. Daily topics will include:

Terms and Definitions…What To Listen For
Wednesday: Preparedness and Safety
Thursday: Flood Insurance
Friday: Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service

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