National Flood Safety Awareness Week

 TUESDAY - March 17, 2009



National Flood Safety Awareness Week Continues Through Friday Today's topic is:

Terms and Definitions…What to Listen For

The following definitions are important for you to understand.
A flash flood is a rapid rise of water along a stream or low-lying area after a heavy rainfall or from the failure of a dam, levee, or ice jam.
A flood is defined as water overflowing the confines of a river, stream, or body of water. A flood can also occur when water accumulates in poorly drained, low-lying, or urban areas.
Hazardous Weather Outlooks willbe issued to alert of the potential for flooding and/or flash flooding, as much as seven days in advance.
Flood and Flash Flood Watches will be issued when conditions are favorable for flooding or flash flooding, respectively. Watches indicate a need for planning, preparation, and an increased awareness of changing weather conditions.
Flash Flood Warnings are issued when flash flooding is occurring or imminent. A flash flood warning requires the need to take immediate action for protection of life and property.
Flood Warningsare issued for flooding along rivers and streams. Point-specific warnings are issued for specific river forecast points and areal flood warnings are issued for a generalized area such as an entire county. Again, a warning indicates the need to take immediate action to protect life and property.
Turn Around, Don't Drown is a National Weather Service campaign to warn people of the hazards of walking or driving a vehicle through flood waters. Roads signs are used in many parts of the country during flood episodes that warn motorists to "Turn Around, Don't Drown".

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