National Flood Safety Awareness Week

FRIDAY - March 20, 2009



National Flood Safety Awareness Week Continues Through Today...Today's topic is:

Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service

The Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service, also known as AHPS, is an ongoing effort by NOAA’s NWS to modernize hydrologic services. AHPS provides improved river and flood forecasts, as well as water information for locations across America to protect life and property and ensure the nation’s economic well-being.
Everyone who makes decisions based on water benefits from AHPS, including farmers,  emergency managers, municipal water supply officials, recreationists and dam operators.
AHPS helps emergency managers to be more proactive in “fighting” a flood. AHPS provides information for community leaders and business owners to make better life-saving decisions for evacuating people or moving property before a flood.
With its suite of enhanced information, AHPS provides detailed and accurate answers to the following questions.
  •   How high will the river rise?
  •   When will the river reach its peak?
  •   Where will the flooding occur?
  •   How long will the flood last?

You can get AHPS products and additional AHPS information on the AHPS website


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