Research Papers

Authored by WFO Goodland Staff Members

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Publications In 2006

 Convective Initiation and Advection of Severe Storms Across the Central High Plains


 Red Flag Warning Climatology across Nebraska and Kansas

 Archetypes for Surface Baroclinic Boundaries Influencing Tropical Cyclone Tornado Occurrence

Publications In 2004

 Tornadoes in a Deceptively Small CAPE Environment: The 2004 Outbreak in Illinois and Indiana

Publications In 2003

Analysis of Several ETA Model Severe Weather Indices and Variables in Forecasting Severe Weather Across the High Plains -May 2003


Publications In 2001

Performance and Optimization of the Dodge City, KS WSR-88D Build 10.0 Tornado
Detection Algorithm 

Publications In 2000

Temperature Verification:  Developing and Applying a Forecast Difficulty Index

Performance and Comparison of the WSR-88D & NSSL's TDA 
During the Halloween 2000 Tornado Outbreak

Publications In 1999

Performance of the Build 10.0 Tornado Detection Algorithm (TDA) During Tornadic and Non-Tornadic (Large Hail) Situations

The Evolution Of Two Tornadic Supercells Into An Intense Bow Echo Over Southwest Nebraska and Northwest Kansas

Synoptic Regimes Associated With Heavy Snow Events Across The County Warning Forecast Area Of NWSO Goodland, Kansas

The Use of 500 MB Non-Teleconnection Area Indices Over North America In Determining Artic Air Mass Potential East Of The Rockies

Measuring Snowfall, Depth, And Liquid Equivalent During And After Extreme Blizzard Events

A Look At The Relationship Between Frontogenesis And Heavy Snowfall Across The NWSO Goodland CWFA

Applied Research Papers from 1997 to 1998

Evidence of a Secondary Tornado Season in the Goodland, Kansas County Warning Area

A Downslope Fog Event across northwest Kansas during the Warm Season

VIL vs. VIL Density: A Preliminary Study for Large Hail in the NWSO Goodland, Kansas County Warning Area

A Summer Severity Index for Goodland, Kansas

An Example of Using WSR-88D Base Spectrum Width Data to Confirm Weak Tornadic Development

Unifying the Wind Chill Advisory and Warning Thresholds for the NWSO Goodland Public Service Area

Observations of a Gravity Wave Pocket as it moved across Northwest Kansas

Rainfall Events


There have been a few papers on Heavy Rainfall Events and Precipitation Estimates across the Goodland County Warning Area.  The first was a study on precipitation estimates from the Goodland 88D Radar titled:

Results from the Goodland WSR-88D Precipitation Estimates in Determining the Flood Potential across parts of Northwest Kansas during May of 1995

Others include:   

Performance of the Goodland WSR-88D during a Heavy Rainfall Event in Northwest Kansas

The Use of Areal Precipitation Estimates to Supplement Local Precipitation Verification Activities.



Other Publication & Research Resources

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  • The High Plains Chapter of the AMS and NWA
  • The National Severe Storms Laboratory

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