Top Ten Climate Records for the Tri-State Area


Top Ten Coldest Temperatures

Top Ten Warmest Temperatures

 -38  Culbertson, Nebraska  (12FEB1899) 118  Atwood, Kansas (24JUL1936)

 -34  Atwood, Kansas (22-23DEC1989)

118  Dresden, Kansas (24JUL1936)
 -34  Culbertson, Nebraska (22-23DEC1989) 117  Hill City, Kansas (24JUL1936)
 -34  Benkelman, Nebraska (22 DEC1989) 116  Dresden, Kansas (25JUL1940)
 -33  Benkelman, Nebraska (23DEC1989) 116  Norton, Kansas (24JUL1936)
 -33  Brewster, Kansas (22-23DEC1989) 115  Norton, Kansas (25JUL1940)
 -33  Wray, Colorado (22-23DEC1989) 115  Dresden, Kansas (25JUL1936)
 -33  Yuma, Coloaro (22DEC1989) 115  Dreden, Kansas (13JUL1934)
 -32  Wray, Colorado (12FEB1889) 115  Hill City, Kansas (25JUL1940)
 -32  Colby, Kansas (22DEC1989) 115  Hill City, Kansas (06AUG1934)
 -32  Kit Carson, Colorado (28JAN1948 / 05JAN1942) 115  Hill City, Kansas (13JUL1934)
 -32  Oberlin, Kansas (11JAN1918)  










Top 10 Wettest Days (Inches of Rain)*

Top 10 Snowiest Days (Inches of Snow)

8.00  Stratton, Colorado (23AUG1969) 24.0  Norcatur, Kansas  (25OCT1997)
7.51  Gove, Kansas (26JUN1996) 23.0  Palisade, Nebraska (30MAR1949)
7.43  Hill City, Kansas (17SEP1919) 21.5  Lenora, Kansas  (25OCT1997)
6.92  Quinter, Kansas (25JUL1999) 21.3  Wallace, Kansas (01DEC1919)
6.60  Wray, Colorado (27APR1947) 20.0  Saint Francis, Kansas (28MAR1980)
6.46  Tribune, Kansas (04JUN1932) 20.0  Densmore, Kansas (25OCT1997)

6.20  Benkelman, Nebrask (17JUL1924)

20.0  Hoxie, Kansas (28FEB1939)
6.16  Trenton, Nebraska (18JUL1981) 20.0  Winona, Kansas (25OCT1997)
6.09  Norton, Kansas  (20JUL1953) 19.4  Stratton, Colorado (25OCT1997)
6.00  Benkelman, Nebraska (07SEP1901) 19.3  Gove, Kansas (11APR1953)
  19.3  Goodland, Kansas (25OCT1997)

 *These rainfall measurements are from official observing stations only.  There are several unofficial reports of rain in excess of eight inches in eastern Colorado on May 30, 1935, which helped produce the Republican River flood.  These data are included here:

Unofficial Rainfall Records from May 30, 1935 (Inches)

24.00  5 miles southwest of Bonny Reservoir, Colorado
18.00  6 miles south southeast of Idalia, Colorado
15.00  5 miles north northeast of Seibert, Colorado
12.88  5 miles south southeast of Idalia, Colorado
12.00  10 miles east northeast of Idalia, Colorado
10.00  3 miles southeast of Idalia, Colorado is the U.S. government's official web portal to all federal, state and local government web resources and services.