High Winds Across the Tri-State Region on Thursday


A tightening pressure gradient between a strong low pressure center, slowly moving eastward, across the South Dakota/Nebraska border and building high pressure across Idaho brought very gusty winds to the Tri-State region during the early morning hours on Thursday.  Sustained winds of 25 to 40 miles per hour were common with gusts as high as 66 mile per hour reported at 3 miles west of Bird City, Kansas. Damage to trees and powerlines were reported in Goodland, Brewster, Colby, and Oakley. Two vehicle roll overs on Interstate-70 at the Sherman/Thomas County line were also attributed to the high winds. The winds are expected to slowly decrease by evening.

Below are the maximum wind gusts received since Noon MST.



Time of Gust


Peak Wind Gust


Cheyenne, KS 3W Bird City 11:18 am 66
Yuma 3NNE Kirk 10:48 am 65
Dundy Hagiler 6:56 am 63
Sherman Goodland Airport 9:40 am 63
Sherman 12N Goodland 10:20 am 62
Sherman 4W Goodland 5:25 am 62
Kit Carson Burlington Airport 9:39 am 61
Thomas Colby 6:00 am 59
Gove Grinnell 8:09 am 59
Rawlins Atwood 11:39 am 58
Gove Oakley 11:00 am 55
 Red Willow McCook Airport 2:46 am 55
Cheyenne, KS St. Francis 10:00 am 54
Graham Hill City Airport 9:45 am 54
 Gove Gove 10:40 am 53
 Norton Norton 6:00 am 49
 Norton 3S Lenora 5:00 am 48
Cheyenne, CO Cheyenne Wells 10:17 am 45
 Hitchcock 6 NNW Trenton 11:00 am 40

Here is a map of the peak winds across our county warning area for Thursday as of Noon MST.

 peak wind map


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