Flooding in Goodland on 07/01/01

A strong storm dropped over 2 inches of rain in a very small area of northwest Kansas on the first day of July. While most weather stations received little or no rainfall, Goodland and parts of Sherman County were drenched for several evening hours. When the storm finally ended, the Goodland airport received just over 2 inches of rain. The COOP station in downtown Goodland collected 2.22 inches. With this amount of rainfall in a very short period of time, flooding became a problem. Many roads in town were inundated and closed to traffic. Water was up to car bumpers and a few vehicles even stalled in town before the water receded.

Wind gusts to around 80 mph were also reported across Sherman County which drove the rain in a horizontal direction for a short time. Goodland, which had a yearly precipitation deficit of nearly 3.5 inches is now down to around 1.5 inches below normal. Below are some pictures taken shortly after the heavy rains fell in Goodland. Although these pictures were taken after dark, much of the water was still running across streets and ponding in low-lying areas. No one was injured.  

Notice the barricades in the upper right image. Car stalled in deep water in lower right picture. (Photos  courtesy of Kevin Lynott, WCM)


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