High Plains Blizzard

October 1997

street.jpg (186422 bytes)

Looking toward the high school, from near Max Jones Field House in Goodland.
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garage.jpg (172081 bytes)

Taken in Intern's back yard. Check out those drifts!
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kevin.jpg (248085 bytes)

One of our forecasters trying to dig out!
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mike1.jpg (309731 bytes)

View # 1 of the NWS office.
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mike2.jpg (381395 bytes)

View #2 of the office, with a tall forecaster for height-reference!
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mike3.jpg (394540 bytes)

A SUV stuck at 17th & Main in Goodland.
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drift3.jpg (335733 bytes)

Interesting drift!
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drift4.jpg (222472 bytes)

Another big drift from the blizzard.
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drift.gif (350095 bytes)

A Forecaster's back yard. The fence is 4 ft tall.
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