Levant Tornado

19 June 2002

Photos above provided by Gary Shull, Trojan Amateur Radio Club, during Skywarn activation
Photos above provide by Bruce Frahm K0BJ


All photos are looking northwest, with zoom to full telephoto. This is the first, and I think southernmost, of the 2 tornadoes that were reported. This was a very odd formation -- alot of ccw rotation much of the time, but  occasionally almost none, and mostly poorly defined connection to cloud base, but better defined toward the latter part of its life. Span of the photos was possibly 10-12 minutes.

Photos above provided by Lloyd & Lucille White

High Quality Video 4654Kb    Medium Quality Video 656Kb   Low Quality Video 199Kb

Provided by Gary Shull, Police Investigator, Colby Police Department


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