Western Sherman County

June 11, 1999

The pictures below were taken by Sven Nelaimischkies north of Ruleton and Kanorado on June 11, 1999.  Precipitation in the area during the previous night was over 3 inches.   These pictures were taken after melting had occurred over a twelve hour period.    Damage reports included many broken windows and widespread crop damage.


storm1.bmp (921654 bytes)

Pictured above are the drifts of hail left following the storm.

storm2.bmp (921654 bytes)

No, that isn't a glacier - just more hail!

storm3.bmp (921654 bytes)

Note the fence post sticking out from this drift of hail!

This farmer's field looks like a winter scene!

bridgeou.jpg (74073 bytes)

Portion of a bridge washed out by the flooding 3/4 mile south of Rds 73 & 19 in Sherman County, KS*

flanders.jpg (145156 bytes)

A farm home in Sherman County at the intersection of Rds 76 & 28 was cut off by the flooding Beaver Creek.*

*Photos by Doug Whitson, Sherman County Sheriff

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