Weak Tornadoes Hit Shawano, Calumet Counties

Preliminary Information -- subject to change.  Last updated 8/27/11  11 am

A strong upper level storm system produced scattered severe thunderstorms across northern and central Wisconsin on August 23, 2011.  Three tornadoes were reported in the state, two in the NWS Green Bay service area.

A weak tornado, rated EF0, briefly touched down southeast of Briarton in Shawano County around 7 pm.  The tornado damaged about a dozen trees and flattened a field of grass and hay.  Another tornado, also rated EF0, touched down near Sherwood in Calumet County at 9:05 pm.  The tornado was on the ground for about one-half mile, heavily damaging two barns, snapping several trees.  Swirl marks from the tornadic winds were noted in swamp grass and cattails in a nearby swamp.

A much stronger EF2 tornado hit Clark County in central Wisconsin late Tuesday afternoon.  Read about that storm by clicking here.

Radar Images
(Click for larger view)

Radar image of storm near Briarton. Click for larger view. Radar image of Sherwood tornado. Click for larger view.
Radar image (reflectivity and velocity) near time of Briarton (Shawano Co) tornado.  EF0 tornado occurred near location of velocity couplet. Radar image (reflectivity and velocity) just before the Sherwood (Calumet Co) tornado.  EF0 tornado occurred less than a mile north of Sherwood.


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