What is EMWIN?
EMWIN is the Emergency Manager's Weather Information Network. Up to 6,500 National Weather Service products are available free of charge to those who need it most. You read correctly--the data is free: no phone lines or internet access is required. Potential users of EMWIN include emergency response officials, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, SKYWARN severe weather spotters, weather hobbyists, and any business where weather is a factor.

Who Is EMWIN For?
   Emergency managers - Receive warnings and outlooks directly from the NWS.
   Safety directors - Make it part of your safety plan today.
   Severe weather spotters - Don't go severe weather spotting without it.
   Emergency response officials - Stay on top of changing conditions.
   Business - If weather affects your operations, you can benefit from EMWIN.
   Media - A great backup to the "Weather Wire."
   Teachers - Explore changes in weather with your science class.
   Weather hobbiests - Plot the daily climate variations for your area.
   Weather junkies - Let the weather info come to you, instead of you to it.

What Can EMWIN Do?
Using a point-and-click interface on a Windows-based PC, EMWIN users can monitor the latest severe weather watches, warnings and statements for their county (or any county in the U.S.). The software can provide visual or audio alarms, or print products, under user-specified situations. The computer software can be programmed to turn on your lights or call your pager to alert you to life threatening weather!

EMWIN system What Weather Products Will Reach My Computer?
The following is a partial list of products available for every state in the country:
    - Tornado watches, warnings and updates.
    - Severe thunderstorm watches, warnings and updates.
    - Flash flood and flood watches, warnings and updates.
    - Short-term forecasts.
    - Hurricane watches, warnings and updates.
    - Thunderstorm outlook for the next 24 hours.
    - River readings and rainfall reports.
    - Five-day forecasts.
    - Climate information (high and low temperatures, rain and snowfall).
    - Basic weather charts, maps and satellite images.
    - Hourly aviation surface observations.

How Does EMWIN Work?
The National Weather Service transmits the weather data via weather satellites (GOES 8 and GOES 10). The data signal is available free of charge. Initial start-up costs are around $1000 if you have a computer available (or $2500 for a complete, "turn-key" system). The one-time cost includes a satellite dish, interface box, and software. There are no recurring costs.

How Do I Find Out More?
Visit the NWS EMWIN web site here, or contact Jeff Last (jeff.last@noaa.gov), NWS Green Bay.   Hardware and software vendors are available here.

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