NWS Green Bay History

The History of the National Weather Service in Green Bay

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World War II

During World War II, many women were employed by the U.S. Weather Bureau. The first woman was hired at the Green Bay office in 1942.  In 1943, for what is reported to have been the first time in the history of the U.S. Weather Bureau, a woman was in charge of a Weather Bureau office. That office was here in Green Bay.

Staff during WWIIThe Staff -- 1944

The staff at the U.S. Weather Bureau during part of World War II. From left to right: Eleanor Brenneke, Winnie Cartier, Hilda Goodrich, Marian Jacqmin. Hilda was the Official-in-Charge in late 1943 and early 1944.

Air pressureUnder "Pressure" -- 1943

Eleanor Brenneke is pictured here recording the air pressure.

RepairsWeather and Repairs -- 1943

Back in the '40s, the weather technicians also had to fix the equipment. Hilda Goodrich is climbing a 40 ft tower (which was on top of a six-story building) to fix the wind equipment.

Storm warningStorm on the Horizon -- 1943

Hilda Goodrich is pictured here raising a Storm Warning flag for mariners on Lake Michigan.

Live radioSpreading the Word -- 1944

Marion Jacqmin is making a live weather broadcast for a local radio station.

Weather balloonWeather Balloon Observations -- 1945

Eleanor Brenneke tracking a weather balloon with a theodolite.

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