KLAN - Lansing Capital City Airport


The histogram shows the frequency that visibility, ceiling and ceiling/visibility reaches various flight categories.

MVFR GTE 1,000 to LTE 3,000 and/or GTE 3 to LTE 5SM
IFR GTE 500 to LT 1,000 and/or GTE 1 to LT 3SM
LIFR GTE 200 to LT 500 and/or GTE 1/2 to LT 1SM
VLIFR LT 200 and/or LT 1/2SM

Wind Rose

A wind rose is a diagram that depicts the distribution of wind direction and speed at a location over a period of time. The length of each spoke on a wind rose indicates how often the wind comes from this direction. Longer spokes mean the wind comes from this direction more often. To give you a rough idea of the percentage there are dotted rings labeled in percent. Additionally, the colors on each spoke displays how often the wind speed from this direction falls within a given range.

Click on any Histogram or Wind Rose above to view a full size and resolution image.

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