COOP Stations

COOP ID Station Name County Began Service Equipment Network
ABNM4 Albion Calhoun 01-JAN-1948 P6 B
ADAM4 Ada Kent 01-DEC-1971 SW B
AGNM4 Allegan 5NE Allegan 12-APR-1988 FOSZ8 AB
ALDM4 Allendale 3 ESE Ottawa 01-OCT-1978 CMRX8 C
ALMM4 Alma Gratiot 01-JAN-1948 CMSY8 AB
BALM4 Baldwin Lake 01-JAN-1948 CDMRX8 AB
BCKM4 Battle Creek 5NW Calhoun 01-APR-1970 CM8 AB
BCRM4 Battle Cr #3 Calhoun 01-OCT-1975 S B
BGRM4 Big Rapids Mecosta 01-JAN-1948 CMN8 AB
BKNM4 Brooklyn 2ENE Jackson 12-MAR-1982 X8 B
BLMM4 Bloomingdale Van Buren 01-MAY-1948 CMZ8 C
BTCM4 Battle Cr #2 Calhoun 01-DEC-1975 W B
BURM4 Burlington Calhoun 01-MAR-1972 W B
CLDM4 Caledonia 2NE Kent 01-FEB-1975 LTW B
CLTM4 Charlotte Eaton 01-JAN-1948 O8 AB
CMPM4 Comstock Park Kent ? Y B
CMSM4 Comstock Kalamazoo 15-DEC-1975 SW B
DMDM4 Dimondale 1 WSW Eaton 01-OCT-1971 RW8 B
EAGM4 Eagle 2 NNE Clinton 01-APR-1976 S B
EATM4 Eaton Rapids Eaton 01-JAN-1948 S B
ELNM4 East Lansing Ingham 01-DEC-1959 SY B
ELSM4 East Lansing 4S Ingham 06-MAY-1957 CEFHM8 C
ENTM4 Eaton Rapids Eaton 01-JAN-1948 WY8 B
EVRM4 Evart Osceola ? S B
FNVM4 Fennville 3 W Allegan 01-MAR-1968 CFHM8 C
FREM4 Freemont 4WSW ? ? CMX8 B
GDLM4 Grand Ledge 1NW Eaton 01-JUL-1954 RY8 B
GDRM4 Grand Rapids River Kent 01-MAY-1948 ST B
GLLM4 Gull Lake Biol Sta Kalamazoo 01-JAN-1948 CM8 B
GNTM4 Grant 4 ENE Newaygo 15-MAR-1962 CHMR8 C
GPDM4 Grandville ? ? CHMWX8 B
GRDM4 Grand Haven Wastewtr Plant Ottawa 01-JUL-1948 F B
GRHM4 Grand Haven Fire Dept Ottawa 01-JAN-1948 O8 A
GRJM4 Grand Junction Van Buren 14-MAR-1962 ? C
GRNM4 Greenville 2NNE Montcalm 01-JAN-1948 CM8 AB
GRR Grand Rapids Gerald R Ford Kent 01-NOV-1963 GT8 AB
HASM4 Hastings Barry 01-JAN-1948 CMNX8 AB
HDVM4 Hudsonville 1 W Ottawa 06-APR-1962 CDHM8 C
HHTM4 Holt 2 E Ingham 29-APR-1977 WX B
HISM4 Harrison Clare ? X8 ?
HLDM4 Holland 3 NW Ottawa 01-MAR-1962 CHM8 C
HOLM4 Holland Ottawa 01-JAN-1948 CMX8 AB
HRTM4 Hart Oceana 01-JAN-1948 O8 AB
HSPM4 Hesperia 4 WNW Oceana 01-OCT-1973 CM8 AB
HSTM4 Hastings 3 SE Barry ? SW B
INAM4 Ionia 2 SSW Ionia 01-FEB-1981 OX8 AB
IONM4 Ionia Sutron Ionia 16-MAR-1992 SW B
JACM4 Jackson Wwtp Jackson 23-SEP-1988 SY B
JCKM4 Jackson 3 N Jackson 01-JUL-1948 F B
KLMM4 Kalamazoo Kalamazoo ? ? AB
KTCM4 Kent City 2 SW Kent 01-JAN-1948 CFMRX8 B
LAN Capital City Airport Clinton 01-JAN-1937 AGT AB
LDGM4 Ludington State Park Mason 01-JUL-1948 ? B
LDMM4 Ludington Mason County Airport Mason 01-OCT-1999 F B
LDNM4 Ludington 4 SE Mason 12-SEP-1912 CM8 AB
LNSM4 Lansing 2 Ingham 01-FEB-1947 SW B
LOLM4 Lowell Kent 01-JAN-1948 8 B
LUDM4 Ludington 6 SSE Mason 01-MAY-1975 CHM8 C
LWLM4 Lowell 2 SE Kent 01-MAR-1972 W B
MARM4 Marshall Calhoun 01-DEC-1975 SWX8 B
MASM4 Mason Ingham 01-APR-1977 W B
MKG Muskegon ASOS Muskegon ? AGT AB
MORM4 Morley ? ? Y8 C
MPTM4 Mt Pleasant 3NE Isabella 01-FEB-1976 SW B
MRPM4 Maple Rapids ? ? S B
MRSM4 Mears 1SE Oceana 01-DEC-1975 ? C
MTGM4 Montague 4NW Muskegon 01-OCT-1974 FO48 AB
MTPM4 Mt Pleasant Univ Isabella 01-JAN-1948 O8 AB
NEWM4 Newaygo ? ? L B
NUNM4 Nunica ? ? CM8 C
PORM4 Portland Ionia 01-FEB-1905 SW8 B
PPWM4 Paw Paw 2E Van Buren 01-JAN-1948 ? BC
PRTM4 Portland 1S Ionia 01-APR-1976 48 B
RDCM4 Reed City WWTP Osceola 11-JAN-1990 8 B
SHVM4 South Haven Van Buren 01-JAN-1948 MR8 A
SMYM4 Smyrna Ionia 01-JAN-1975 SW B
SPAM4 Sparta Peach Ridge Kent 01-MAR-1963 CMR8 C
SPRM4 Springport 4 W Calhoun 06-MAR-1990 ? B
STJM4 Saint Johns Clinton 01-JAN-1948 O8 A
STNM4 Stanton Montcalm Unknown F B
VBGM4 Vestaburg Montcalm 01-JUN-1978 CM8 BC
VCKM4 Vicksburg Kalamazoo 01-JAN-2006 W8 B
WCLM4 White Cloud 4SE Newaygo 02 AUG 1988 ? B
WHTM4 Whitehall Muskegon 01-DEC-1975 SW B
WILM4 Williamston 3NE Ingham 01-JAN-1948 Z8 B
WMSM4 Williamston 3E Ingham 01-APR-1976 SWY B

Station Table Color Codes

Stations in service 100 years or more: Gold text on a field of Blue
Stations in service 50 to 99 years: Black text on a field of Gold
Stations in service 25 to 49 years: Black text on a field of Green
Stations in service 10 to 24 years: Black text on a field of Light Blue

Equipment Codes

  • A: ASOS
  • C: Cotton Region Shelter
  • D: Soil Thermometer
  • E: Evaporation Pan
  • F: Fisher Porter Rain Gauge
  • G: HYGR
  • H: HTG
  • L: LARC
  • M: Max/Min Themometer
  • N: MMTS-1/Nimbus with Digital Display
  • O: MMTS-1 without Digital Display
  • P: Plastic Rain Gauge
  • R: ROSA
  • T: Tipping Bucket
  • U: Universal Rain Gauge
  • W: Wire Weight Gauge
  • X: WxCoder
  • Y: Staff Gauge
  • Z: Telephone
  • 4: 4 Inch Plastic Rain Gauge
  • 6: Sixes Min/Max Thermometer
  • 8: Standard 8 Inch Rain Gauge


  • A The "a" network is the basic climatic network of the NWS. Data are used to describe the climate of the U.S. The network is based on a grid system (25 statute miles by 25 statute miles) with one station per grid box. At a minimum, "a" network stations must observe 24-hour precipitation totals. Many also report maximum and minimum temperatures.
  • B Cooperative stations are placed in the "b" network if their observations are used primarily to support NWS hydrologic programs, such as flood forecasting, hydrologic planning and water supply. Stations nearly always report 24-hour precipitation, and many include river stage or lake level. A few report maximum and minimum temperatures and the water equivalent of snow on the ground. A few stations record evaporation, and soil temperature.
  • AB Cooperative stations that support both the climatological and hydrological programs of the NWS are referred to as being in the "ab" network. They generally have the responsibilities of "a" and "b" network stations combined.
  • C Cooperative stations are placed in the "c" network if they support meteorological programs of the NWS, such as the issuance of warnings, forecasts and public service. These stations maintain the same type of observations and equipment that the other networks do. is the U.S. government's official web portal to all federal, state and local government web resources and services.