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The weather on St. Patricks Day is typically springlike with warm temperatures and occasional showers. Rain has fallen on St. Patricks Day about 28 percent of the time in College Station... 36 percent of the time in Galveston and 43 percent of the time in Houston. Average high temperatures range from the lower 70s over inland areas to the upper 60s along the coast. Average low temperatures range from around 50 well inland to the upper 50s near the coast. Snow has never been reported on St. Patricks Day at any Southeast Texas observation sites.

Southeast Texas typically experiences most severe weather episodes during spring...usually mid-March through May. The last round of severe weather to affect the area on March 17 occurred in 1987. High winds toppled trees and power lines over mainly the northern half of Southeast Texas. The last round of thunderstorms to affect the region on St. Patrick's Day occurred in 1997. These storms did not produce any wind or hail damage... but did produce locally heavy rain especially in coastal areas. The following tables lists the five warmest...coldest and wettest St. Patrick Day's for Houston...Galveston and College Station.


Houston (1892-2012)
Average High: 72.5°F
Average Low: 53.0°F
Average Rainfall: 0.09"
88°F 1908
88°F 1907
85°F 1972
84°F 1996
84°F 1921
30°F 1900
32°F 1976
33°F 1978
33°F 1892
34°F 1905
2.57" 1957
1.73" 1988
0.99" 1975
0.82" 1970
0.77" 1941



Galveston (1947-2012)
Average High: 68.7°F
Average Low: 58.1°F
Average Rainfall: 0.13"
78°F 2012
78°F 1965
77°F 2006
77°F 2002
76°F 2008
41°F 1999*
44°F 1960
45°F 2005
49°F 1970
49°F 1969
2.96" 1957
1.97" 1988
1.51" 1997
0.80" 1970
0.59" 1980
* - Some written records indicate that the coldest St. Patricks Day occurred in 1892 when the temperatures plunged to 36 degrees.



College Station (1903-2012)
Average High: 72.4°F
Average Low: 50.4°F
Average Rainfall: 0.09"
87°F 1972
87°F 1904
86°F 1982
85°F 1921
85°F 1920
32°F 1934
32°F 1923
32°F 1915
32°F 1913
35°F 1959
1.48" 1987
1.09" 2000
1.08" 1957
0.84" 2004
0.80" 1970 is the U.S. government's official web portal to all federal, state and local government web resources and services.