24-Hour Precipitation Map

Kansas Frost/Freeze Data


Frost/Freeze Data
Wichita Salina Chanute
Average First Fall Frost (32F or Lower) 10/25 10/19 10/25
Average First Fall Freeze (28F or Lower) 11/9 11/2 11/2
Average Last Spring Frost (32F or Lower) 4/11 4/13 4/8
Average Last Spring Freeze (28F or Lower) 3/29 3/31 3/31
Earliest Fall Frost (32F or Lower) 9/22/1995 9/20/1918 9/26/1912
Earliest Fall Freeze (28F or Lower) 10/8/2000 9/20/1918 10/7/1952
Latest Spring Frost (32F or Lower) 5/13/1966 5/27/1907 5/6/1944
Latest Spring Freeze (28F or Lower) 5/4/1907 5/27/1907 5/2/2005


Average First Fall Frost (Click to Enlarge)
Average First Fall Freeze (Click to Enlarge)


Average Last Spring Frost (Click to Enlarge)
Average Last Spring Freeze (Click to Enlarge)

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