This project is still in an experimental state, and we will be accepting feedback though the 2010 calendar year. For more detailed information on this service, please click here.

 Storm Reports
You can now submit your significant weather observations to the National Weather Service (NWS) via Twitter.

Everyone talks about the weather.  Now's your chance to "Tweet" it and be heard.  The National Weather Service (NWS) in Wichita has been selected to be part of an experiment that will search Twitter reports for important weather information. 

Why Twitter?

An advantage of searching Twitter for weather reports is the capability to utilize recently added "geotagging" -- geographical information that is associated with something, in this case individual Tweets (More from Twitter).  This allows the NWS to correlate each Tweet to its location when it was sent.  This capability will help to enhance and increase timely and accurate online weather reporting and communication between the public and their local weather forecast offices.  The reports will be carefully evaluated during the experiment to ensure quality and timeliness.

While Twitter is a new and exciting medium for Significant Weather reporting, don't rely on it for reporting life threatening information.

Who Can Participate?

Anyone with a Twitter account can participate, but for a report to be evaluated by the NWS Wichita staff, it must orginiate in or near the NWS Wichita forecast area.  

Here's What You Need to Do:

If Geotagging is available on your 3rd party Twitter application (i.e. not using Twitter.com, m.Twitter.com (mobile) or via text messages):

  1. First make sure geotagging is turned on for your 3rd party Twitter app.
  2. Second make sure geotagging is turned on for your twitter account page.
  3. Now Submit your Tweet report via your 3rd party app in the following format:
    #wxreport <your signifcant weather report>

Examples of weather report Tweets with geotagging:

  Ex. 1:   #wxreport 2.0 inches of new snow as of 1 pm
  Ex. 2:   #wxreport Hail golfball sized hail at 4:25 pm

  Ex. 3:   #wxreport Wind Gusts estimated at 65mph at 2:34pm

If Geotagging is NOT available on your 3rd party Twitter application:

  1. Log in to your twitter account via the web or mobile device (Twitter.com).
  2. Submit your Tweet report in the following format:

    #wxreport WW <your location> WW <your signifcant weather report>

  3. Your location can be just about anything, here are some examples in order of preference:
    • A city name:
      WW Winfield, KS WW
    • An address:
      WW 683 W. 184th Rd. Chase, KS 67589 WW
    • A zip code:
      WW 67209 WW
    • An airport identifier:
      WW HUT WW
    • A street intersection:
      WW intersection of 21st St. and Maize Rd. Wichita, KS WW
    • A latitude and longitude:
      WW 39.2775, -97.344 WW


Examples of weather report Tweets without geotagging:

  Ex. 1:   #wxreport WW 378 W. 156th Rd. Anthony, KS WW Wind Gusts estimated at 60mph
  Ex. 2:   #wxreport WW McPherson, KS WW 2 S. McPherson 4 inches of snow from 3pm-7am
  Ex. 3:   #wxreport WW Great Bend, KS WW 3NE Great Bend golfball sized hail fell at 5:46pm


What to Report:

You can report any weather event that occurs in your local area, but we are most interested in significant events:snowfall, severe weather, flooding, etc.  In particular:

  • Snowfall during an event and storm total. When reporting snowfall, include the time period when it fell.
  • Freezing rain or freezing drizzle producing a 'glaze' on objects or roads.
  • Dense fog restricting visibility to less than a half mile.
  • Damage from winds--briefly describe what was damaged and time it occurred.
  • Hail--include size of hail and time it fell, such as quarter sized hail, golf ball sized hail, ect.
  • Tornadoes or funnel clouds.
  • Flooding--briefly describe what is occurring.

You can also include pictures, too!

General Guidance:

  • The purpose of this project is to allow people to submit reports. Please be responsible and respectful of the purpose.
  • A valid Twitter user account is required to submit reports. As such, use of this service constitutes an agreement to the ToS of the provider. Go to: http://twitter.com/tos for more information.
  • Official Representatives of the NWS will not respond to any Tweet to confirm it's reciept
  • Click here for Frequently Asked Questions about Submitting Storm Reports via Twitter

If you have any Questions, Please e-mail Jerilyn Billings, Meteorologist NWS Wichita, KS. Email: Jerilyn.Billings@noaa.gov

Please use the link in red box at top to leave feedback about this experiemental project.

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