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Mostly Cloudy and Windy
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On this Day in Weather History...
In 2011, the 2nd worst tornado outbreak on record finally ended, as a 3-day total of 162 tornadoes tore through the south-central and southeast parts of the U.S. from the 14th to the 16th. The outbreak struck 11 states from as far west as Oklahoma and Southern Kansas, to the Atlantic Coast from Georgia to Maryland. Of the tornadoes, 12 were EF3 rated. Hardest hit was North Carolina which was raked by 26 twisters and where 22 were killed. The deadliest twister, an EF3, struck the town of Askewville in extreme Northeast North Carolina where 11 died and catastrophic damage resulted. A 2nd EF3 tornado tore through Raleigh and nearby suburbs where 5 were killed. In all there were 39 deaths with 5 more killed by destructive winds. && In 1998, atmospheric chaos broke out over Southern Kentucky as severe thunderstorms ravaged many areas with a severe quartet of huge hail, destructive winds, tornadoes, and flash floods. The hail ranged in size from golf balls to baseballs and totaled nearly every vehicle at dealerships and car rentals. The hail totaled around 4,000 vehicles, severely damaged 8,300 homes, 37 businesses, and 14 apartments. The destructive winds reached 95 to 100 mph in extreme Southwest Kentucky at Hopkinsville where 2 people were injured, barns were leveled and several homes were heavily damaged. Of the 9 tornadoes, the strongest was an F3 that hit the town of Glasgow, located 25 miles east of Bowling Green, where 2 were killed, 9 were injured and $10 million damage resulted. Total damage from the outbreak was $535 million.

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