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(12/19/2008) White Christmas Facts For Wichita By: Robb Lawson
(12/17/2008) Widespread Light to Moderate Snow Affects the Area! By: Andy Kleinsasser, Meteorologist
Up to 5 inches of snow fell across portions of central Kansas on December 15th.
(12/15/2008) The Cold Air Invasion By: Paul Howerton - Senior Meteorologist
An arctic cold front surged across the area Saturday, dropping temperatures as much as 25 degrees in one hour.
(12/10/2008) First Snowfall of the Season for Southern Kansas By: Chris Jakub
Snow and blowing snow caused several slick roadways across South Central and Southeast Kansas on December 9th 2008.
(11/28/2008) Winter has arrived for portions of Central Kansas By: Jerilyn Billings
The First Snowfall of the Season for Central Kansas
(10/30/2008) 10th Anniversary of the Halloween Flood By: Janet Spurgeon
(10/15/2008) Wichita Washes Away Its Annual Precipitation Record! By: Kevin Darmofal, Robb Lawson, Andy Kleinsasser
Thanks to the colossal heavy rain event of September 12th, Wichita set several rainfall records. Among them were: Greatest 24-hour total, greatest calendar day total and wettest September.
(9/13/2008) Record Rainfall and Flooding on September 12th! By:
(9/7/2008) A Cool Start to September Shatters Records By: Jerilyn Billings
New Record Low Maximum Temperatures.
(8/21/2008) Cooler than normal August thus far in Wichita...Updated By: Jerilyn Billings
(7/24/2008) Small severe storm along I-135 causes damage By:
(7/9/2008) July 8th and 9th Landspouts By: Robb Lawson
(6/20/2008) Severe Storms Strike Central and South-Central Kansas - June 18th By: Ken Cook
(6/18/2008) 2008 A Prime Contender For 'Raining' King of Precipitation in Wichita By: ES
All have heard this cheesy mini-poem since 1st grade: 'April Showers bring May Flowers'. Not so in 2008, during which April showers brought May downpours.
(6/14/2008) June 12th, Day 2 of Tornadoes, Large Hail and Damaging Winds By: Robb Lawson
(6/12/2008) June 8th Southeast Kansas Storm Pictures By: Robb Lawson
(6/12/2008) June 11th, EF-3 Torando and Extremely Large Hail Slam Central Kansas By: Robb Lawson
(6/11/2008) June 8th was another Rocky Night with more Wind and Hail. By: Lead Meteorologist Rob Cox
A cold front sparked numerous thunderstorms across South Central and Southeast Kansas on Sunday night.
(6/6/2008) Strong Damaging Winds Affect South Central Kansas June 5th By: Kevin Darmofal
Severe storms, with strong damaging winds, developed across central Kansas Thursday afternoon and swept east across south central Kansas and the Flint Hills Thursday evening.
(6/5/2008) Damaging winds blow through southern Kansas By: Jerilyn Billings
A Bow Echo raced through the Southern Kansas produced damaging winds and wreaking havoc on numerous communities.
(6/3/2008) Wettest May on Record! By: Robb Lawson
(6/3/2008) Storm Pictures from the Weekend of May 31st By: Robb Lawson
(5/27/2008) May 25th, Tornado Along Barton and Russell County Line By: Robb Lawson
(5/25/2008) Storms move across Central Kansas again. May 23rd By: Chance Hayes and Chris Bowman
Three tornadoes touch down in Barton and Reno counties, producing damage to a homestead southeast of Great Bend.
(5/11/2008) Large hail and tornadoes pound Southeast Kansas! By: Jerilyn Billings
Supercells produced large hail in Southeastern Kansas and a tornado touches down on the Kansas/Oklahoma state line.
(5/7/2008) Bow Echo Thumps Portions of Central Kansas! By: Robb Lawson
(5/2/2008) Two Rounds of Severe Weather to Begin May! By: Robb Lawson & Jerilyn Billings
(4/25/2008) Large Hail and Flooding Batter Central Kansas! By: Robb Lawson
(4/21/2008) New Weather Radio Transmitter in Southern Kansas! By: Robb Lawson
(4/16/2008) Winds Howl Across Central and South Central Kansas! By: Robb Lawson
(4/8/2008) Severe Thunderstorm Winds Wreak Havoc in South Central Kansas By: Jerilyn Billings & Robb Lawson
A severe thunderstorm bow echo brought severe winds to Harvey, Sedgwick, Butler and Greenwood counties.
(4/5/2008) Burning Season is Here By:
(3/14/2008) A Snowy 2007-2008 Winter Season! By: Andy Kleinsasser, Meteorologist
An active weather pattern led to above normal snowfall for the 2007-2008 winter season.
(3/3/2008) March Comes In Like a Lion! By:
(2/25/2008) Snow Strikes Kansas Yet Again ! By: Chris Jakub
BIG snowflakes tumble down upon Kansas Saturday Night.
(2/24/2008) Snow Strikes Kansas Yet Again ! By: Chris Jakub
BIG snowflakes tumble down upon Kansas Saturday Night.
(2/6/2008) Second Snow Storm in a Week Strikes Kansas! By: Robb Lawson
(2/1/2008) A Snowy End to January 2008! By: Robb Lawson
(1/17/2008) First Winter Storm of the New Year! By: Robb Lawson
(1/2/2008) Consecutive Days Of Snow Cover Piling Up In Wichita By:

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