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(12/29/2009) Winter Storm Brings a White Christmas to the area By: Kevin Darmofal and Stephanie Dunten
(12/9/2009) First Winter Storm of the Season! By: NWS Wichita
(11/12/2009) Cool October 2009 Sets Records in Wichita and Salina By: NWS Wichita
(10/22/2009) Coldest Start to October on Record in Wichita By:
(9/25/2009) WAS SUMMER 2009 REALLY THAT COOL AND WET? By: Eric Schminke
(9/9/2009) September 8th-9th 2009 Heavy Rainfall By: The National Weather Service in Wichita
(9/5/2009) Evening Supercells Lay a Swath of Large Hail Across Central Kansas! By: Robb Lawson
(8/19/2009) Mid-August Rainfall Totals and Climate Information By:
(8/11/2009) Morning Severe Storms Blow Through Central Kansas! By:
(7/21/2009) The Full Gamut of Severe Weather on Monday July 20th, 2009 By:
(7/9/2009) Baseball Hail at the Baseball Stadium in Wichita By: Mary-Beth Schreck and Jerilyn Billings
(7/1/2009) A Warm Start To Meteorological Summer! By: Andy Kleinsasser
Warmest June since 1994 in Wichita.
(6/18/2009) High Winds Rock Hutchinson Again By: Paul Howerton
Winds gusting to 75 mph blasted through Hutchinson last night, only two days after severe thunderstorms tore through the city.
(6/16/2009) June 15th 2009 - Widespread Severe Storms! By:
(6/8/2009) June 7th & 8th Large Hail and Damaging Winds By: Robb Lawson
(6/1/2009) Fewest Issued May Watches Since 1992 By: Robb Lawson
(5/9/2009) Derecho causes significant wind damage across Southern Kansas !! By: Chris Jakub, Chance Hayes and Jerilyn Billings
Destructive straight line winds from a rare derecho blasts through South Central and Southeast Kansas during the early morning hours on May 8th 2009
(5/2/2009) Wichita Records 2nd Wettest April on Record! By: Eric Schminke
(4/28/2009) April 26th Tornadoes and Straight Line Wind Damage By: Robb Lawson
(3/30/2009) Late March Blizzard! By: Robb Lawson
Nature has her own brand of March Madness; one that extends into the meteorological realm.
(3/26/2009) March Madness Extends Into the Meteorological Realm As Well By: Eric Schminke - Climate Services Focal Point
Mother Nature has her own brand of March Madness and it extends into the Meteorological Realm.
(3/25/2009) March 23rd 2009 - Tornadoes, Wind and Fire By: Robb Lawson
(3/11/2009) First Tornadoes of the 2009 Season By: Jerilyn Billings
Weak Tornadoes touched down near Hutchinson, KS on March 7th, 2009.
What a sharp contrast to 2008, when Wichita experienced it's wettest year on record, that 2009 would start with the 9th driest January ever!
(2/11/2009) How Warm Has It Been This February? By: Robb Lawson
(1/11/2009) WICHITA SETS 2-YEAR RAINFALL RECORD By: Eric Schminke - Climate Services Focal Point
As most, if not all, residents of South-Central Kansas are well aware, colossal rainfalls drenched South-Central Kansas in 2008. In fact, the 53.82 inches measured in 2008 at Wichita's Mid-Continent Airport broke the record of 50.48 inches set way back in 1951. This staggering rainfall enabled the Air Capital to set a 2nd rainfall record: Greatest 2-year total ever.

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